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inthishope 02-19-2021 12:03 PM

McNeill Slope D Sitka/EIR First Build
Alrighty! We are underway. Still have some time before I'm up in the queue but I am incredibly excited about this process. I've always looked for the perfect guitar...never dreamed of actually just designing exactly what I want.

Here is what I (and your eyes) have to look forward to:

- Standard scale 14-fret Slope D
- Sitka Top
- East Indian Rosewood Back & Sides
- Subtle Sunburst
- Florentine Cutaway
- Ebony or Blackwood Binding, Headstock and Backstrap
- Cocobolo top, fingerboard and headstock trim
- Likely cocobolo rosette of some sort (still mulling that over)
- Black Ebony fretboard with something around the 12th fret
- Gotoh 510 delta Shiny Gold tuners

I've got drawings and photos all laid out with design details and the back wood is on the way. I'll get some photos posted once it gets here and we get the ball rolling.

Scott is a pretty awesome guy. I'm really looking forward to the tail end of this year (and the process of getting there)!

cigarfan 02-20-2021 05:30 AM

Sounds like fun Jason. Congrats on the build. Never is the feeling of the first quite the same. I look forward to seeing your posts.

fitness1 02-20-2021 12:19 PM

Great to hear - a slope with a florentine cut, eh? That's not something you see every day! I'm sure you'll be thrilled with the end product.

One thing I'd consider running by Scott is the depth parameter and it's affect on tone and clarity. Just a thought;)

inthishope 02-20-2021 12:32 PM

Ok cool! I was planning on following Bourgeois Slope D measurements pretty closely but we will chat about measurements and tone. He is very aware of what I do NOT want and is confident he can get there.

Here is a sharp cutaway. Probably wouldn't match it but something like that. Not doing that intense of a sunburst and no white binding either.

inthishope 02-21-2021 07:15 AM

Ok, I think I decided to ditch the sunburst. I was from the beginning wanting a more modern look and I feel like the inlay patterns and design elements don't really synergize with the vintage sunburst vibe.

This Charis has the overall style that I was going for. The cocobolo instead of abalone was my plan when I found this one and the rosette is exactly the style I'm shooting for. Still in the process of designing my own version of that style.

Do you know any artists (not guitar related necessarily) that could design a rosette like this with good flow and balance?

inthishope 03-04-2021 10:33 AM

Ugh, I just can't go through with it. This guitar is one that I will likely keep forever and I can't make myself take the risk of it not being exactly what I want. I trust Scott. I would love a guitar built by him. I think his guitars are way underpriced and he would make an instrument that is what I ask for, but from a tone standpoint there are just too many factors that could cause me to be dissatisfied with the final instrument.

If this wasn't going to be a lifetime guitar (and perhaps the last acoustic I buy) then it would be different. I really need to be completely convinced up front that it is the right instrument and the only way to do that is to play it. I just don't want there to be even a chance that I get it and it isn't exactly what I was hoping it would be...even if it is from a spectacular builder. And Scott ABSOLUTELY is a top-tier builder. This is 100% my emotions and 0% his abilities and artistry.

Someday in the future I might end up having him build me one when there isn't so much on the line emotionally for me.

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