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justonwo 09-28-2019 11:49 AM

NGD: Blazer and Henkes Euphonon Euro Spruce and Maple
Well, not quite an NGD yet because the guitar hasn't arrived. But it will be on its way soon. I've been on the hunt for a Euphonon clone for years, but just haven't found anything that pushes all the right buttons for me. There aren't many people doing Larson clones, and B&H is definitely one of the big names.

I expect with the maple back and sides the guitar will have a nice, dry tone and hopefully plenty of power and projection. Just a few of the specs:
  • Top: Austrian “Haselfichte” spruce, moon harvested
  • Back and sides: Maple
  • Nut: Slightly over 1 ” at 4.49 cm
  • Saddle spacing: 2.313”
  • Neck: Maple with medium C profile (as described by Willi Henkes). It’s a bit more like a full C in my experience. Carbon fiber reinforcement without adjustable truss rod
  • Bridge: Madagascar ebony, slotted, ivoroid galalith pins
  • Fretboard: Madagascar ebony
  • Inlay: Hand cut mother of pearl in the fretboard
  • Top inlay: Solid pearl from green abalone
  • Purfling: All solid wood (maple and ebony)
  • Bracing: Larson style laminated braces with spruce and Brazilian rosewood

I'll let you know how it sounds. Should arrive some time this week.

justonwo 09-28-2019 11:50 AM

iim7V7IM7 09-28-2019 11:53 AM

Congrats Juston...:up:

FormerFoodie 09-28-2019 12:01 PM


Love the bear claw on the top.

Willi and Rudy are making some of the best guitars on the planet. I can't wait to hear your review.

A few years back, a used B&H OM28 came up for sale. I didn't need it as my main guitar at the time was a Circa OM28. However, I jumped on the opportunity anyways. Zero regrets even though I clearly didn't need it. It's an absolutely incredible tone machine.

SuperB23 09-28-2019 12:36 PM

Boy they really nailed that Larson Bros look, sweet guitar congrats!! I played a mid 30s D-28 style B&H a while back at Schoenbergs that was a fine guitar.

Ernesto 09-28-2019 01:40 PM

Wow, that's something really different this time! A Larson style Euphonon has always attracted me, such an unusual and innovative way of making guitars. I think there are very few luthiers who build them in the original style (besides B&H, only New Era I guess). I would love to hear how it sounds! Congrats!!!

jt1 09-28-2019 02:49 PM

I love the work of Rudie and Willi, especially their Larsonesque models.


wezzywest 09-28-2019 02:58 PM

Beautiful guitar, I`m sure it is everything you want it to be. Enjoy.

Diamondave 09-28-2019 03:09 PM

I'm sweating....!!! so exciting

Deft Tungsman 09-29-2019 01:28 PM

So classy, Juston. Can't wait to hear your report.

Guitars44me 09-29-2019 01:58 PM

What a Beauty!
This will be BIG FUN.

can't wait to hear your reviews!

Have FUN


SJ VanSandt 09-29-2019 04:19 PM

Hey Juston, if you run out of room for all those guitars, I'll store that maple Circa for you, no charge.

cigarfan 09-30-2019 11:04 AM

Congrats on another beauty! Interested in hearing how you feel it compares to your Maple Circa!

justonwo 09-30-2019 01:14 PM


Originally Posted by cigarfan (Post 6174968)
Congrats on another beauty! Interested in hearing how you feel it compares to your Maple Circa!

Yeah, it'll be really interesting to compare. I've actually never played a real-deal Larson Euphonon, although I've played a couple of modern luthier-built replicas. So it's a bit of a leap of faith, to be sure. However, Will and Rudi have a great reputation, and I'm sure the tone will be amazing. Thankfully, the neck profile is a slim-ish C shape. I can't handle those huge vintage necks.

usb_chord 09-30-2019 03:53 PM

I love their work and I suspect you will, too!

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