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Mark Stone 01-27-2022 12:37 AM

Talk me Out of the Kremona Verea
I'm looking for a decent crossover to do some fingerpicking on. It will be a stage instrument. I own a 1978 CY130 Yairi Classical, called the Conquistador, but would like to play something with a 48mm nut width instead of the Yairi's 2.1". The Kremona Verea looks really tasty - cedar top, good electronics, excellent reviews everywhere. YooToob vids of the Verea seem to show excellent balance and note separation with some goodly sustain, but vids can be deceiving. There happens to be one sitting quietly walking distance from my house at my local GC - I'll play it on for size this Friday methinks.

Before I actually play the little critter Friday, does anyone have experience with this guitar? This is your chance to tell me I'm crazy :D -- TIA

darkwave 01-27-2022 06:46 AM

Not gonna talk you out of it, but your in-hand time will give you the true answer. I picked one up last year as my first nylon-stringer, so my experience in the class is thin, but I've been quite pleased at what it added to my pallet.

a few notes:

- The neck profile is oddly asymmetrical. I think that is intentional, though. I've seen no comments about it online. There is more meat behind the bass side, and I've felt this on another Kremona guitar recently.

- I've seen some references to the radius of the fretboard and can say that mine is dead flat. I wrote to the company and they confirmed that is the official spec, so some ads out there are likely in error.

- I finally tried a Cordoba GK Negra this past month and am glad that I have the Kremona - mainly for the deeper body since I play acoustically the majority of the time. On-stage may be a different matter...

Ceabeceabe 01-27-2022 09:16 AM

Your fingers and ears will do the talking one way or another when you play it. I had a Kremona Fiesta for a while and liked it when I had it.

Mark Stone 01-27-2022 10:35 AM

Thanks for your responses. There's also a Cordoba Fusion hanging on the wall at the GC, so I'll play that one also.

Mark Stone 01-28-2022 03:41 PM

Update: I played the Kremona Verea and the Cordoba Fusion at GC and my response was "meh". They're fine instruments with sweet tones - the Kremona was slightly better because it had more clarity, although the Fusion had a better bass. But in the end neither one really rang my bell. And, thinking about it, my 1978 Yairi would really make any new Nylon string guitar redundant anyway. So, I passed.

Kerbie 01-28-2022 03:43 PM

Mark, you know we don't talk you out of things; we talk you into them! One of my buddies just gave up on steel and bought a Cordoba... loves it!

Mark Stone 01-29-2022 12:09 AM


Originally Posted by Kerbie (Post 6918877)
Mark, you know we don't talk you out of things; we talk you into them! One of my buddies just gave up on steel and bought a Cordoba... loves it!

Clicks "Like" -- :)

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