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capefisherman 01-08-2020 02:55 AM


Originally Posted by Captain Jim (Post 6259033)
Have you tried varying the distance from the mic? I find that makes a difference in the tone with the Spire. If you feel the volume is too low by moving away, you can raise the level manually after you do the SoundCheck.

Thanks Jim, I have been keeping it about 18" from the guitar, more toward the neck than the body. I guess I'm wondering if moving farther away would get too much of the sound of the room (for lack of better description) in the recording quality? I'm guessing the best solution when using my mics would be to run them through a small mixer to EQ before plugging them into the Spire. Just trying to keep the whole operation as simple as possible...... But I will definitely try moving away from the unit a bit and see if that makes a difference. Again, my whole goal here is to be able to deliver sound files to my guitar students that sound good overall, just not necessarily "studio quality" if that makes sense. I really appreciate your expertise in using this device, I am loving the learning process!


KevWind 01-08-2020 07:31 AM


Originally Posted by capefisherman (Post 6258770)
I wish there was a way to add some equalization after a sound check but before recording with the Spire. All my recordings come out very bass-heavy and I then need to upload them to my computer and work with an equalizer. This is not a big deal for me but for use with which I'm usually using my Spire - sending files to guitar students as quickly and easily as possible - spending the extra time tweaking the recordings is something I just would rather not do. Not looking for super quality, just better balance. FWIW, I have the same issue whether I use the mic in the Spire or two good quality condenser mics (small & large diaphragm). If I'm missing something please let me know. Other than this issue I positively LOVE my Spire!


If your recordings are too bass heavy, and you are not putting the mic in front of the sound hole . And this is true with both the Spire mic and outboard mics.?

Then the next suspect is likely bass buildup in the room.
Try closer mic'ing and less input signal say aprox. 6 or 8 inches
Try changing your recording position in the room
And also look into some Bass traps which you can buy pre made or DYI

capefisherman 01-08-2020 09:47 AM

Excellent ideas Kev, thanks

Captain Jim 01-14-2020 09:27 AM

Here's another Spire Studio project. Mark and I have been working this one back and forth: it started out with a full band backing (Mark and I playing all the parts), different key, faster tempo. Since we are about 1,400 miles apart, sending Spire files allows us to make these changes without fuss.

Mark started this project after hearing this played at a family wedding in Jamaica.

Here's our pared down version of a Bob Dylan cover: Make You Feel My Love. Mark Lamkin on piano, me on vocal...

jim1960 01-14-2020 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by Captain Jim (Post 6264909)
Since we are about 1,400 miles apart, sending Spire files allows us to make these changes without fuss.

Just in case some folks are getting the wrong impression, I'm pretty sure this can be done with any DAW these days. I often send stems and entire sessions back and forth to people for the purpose of overdubbing.

KevWind 01-14-2020 01:34 PM


Originally Posted by jim1960 (Post 6264915)
Just in case some folks are getting the wrong impression, I'm pretty sure this can be done with any DAW these days. I often send stems and entire sessions back and forth to people for the purpose of overdubbing.

Yes no doubt digital audio has revolutionized collaboration. Heck Pro Tools even has what they call "Cloud Collaboration" which works in real time. And allows collaborators to work on the same project all at the same time and quickly see and hear, what each is doing as far as contributions and changes, and with text communication also happening . And add in SKYPE and you can instantly see and hear real time communications.
I have not tried it but no doubt many use it.

Captain Jim 02-08-2020 10:21 PM

Working with my friend and music partner today - we are in the Phoenix area for a while, so he and I get to work in the same room! We were part way through the last track of a recording when I got the dreaded "Whoops! Something happened" graphic on my iPad. It dumped the whole project. I may have said, "Shucky darn," or something similar. :mad:

Since we are now both retired, we started from scratch. All day on one song... well, all afternoon... OK, about 4 hours. More work to do on our next get-together. We switched to his Spire and I saw some different Space and Vocal options... I apparently missed an update. Including a firmware update. Hopefully, that takes care of the "Whoops!" issue.

Captain Jim 02-10-2020 09:42 PM

We recorded with my Spire today - everything worked as it should. Hopefully the firmware update has taken care of the problem.

Captain Jim 02-19-2020 10:41 PM

Mark and I have been playing several times a week - it is great to be playing together face-to-face again. The Spire Studio has been getting a workout. Our latest...

An acoustic (mostly) version of the Peter Frampton song, Show Me The Way. Mark did the piano, organ, bass, synth flute, and background tracks. I did the lead vocal, guitar, and hand percussion.

Captain Jim 03-03-2020 06:27 PM

I see the Spire is currently on Amazon for $277. No idea if that is a temporary price reduction or the new price, but it is a heck of a deal.

Captain Jim 03-11-2020 10:08 AM

Still having fun with the Spire...

Captain Jim 03-15-2020 10:15 AM

Another Spire Studio project - again being able to be in the same room (a treat for us). This time, a cover of the Little River Band song "Cool Change."

Captain Jim 03-16-2020 07:53 PM

A guest artist in the studio, Tom Gronstal (an Iowa boy). Mark and I backed up Tom with an Irish song in honor of St Patrick's Day. Not our usual rock/pop stuff, and a fun change of pace. Tom's first time recording, and he did a fine job. Tom on lead vocal and guitar. Mark on bass, accordion, and background vocals. Jim on guitar, percussion, and background vocals Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Easy to get these tracks down with the Spire Studio...

Captain Jim 03-23-2020 07:48 PM

Another Spire Studio project, a cover of a Semisonic song. In these unusual times, making music helps. Mark thought this song could be another Public Service Announcement: if you have people who have come to your house and you think it is time for them to go, play this...

This is Mark's first lead vocal in our collaborations; he also played piano, bass, electric guitar, and strings (synth) on this. I did acoustic guitar, drums, and backup vocal.

Hope you enjoy.

Captain Jim 03-27-2020 09:57 PM

One last face-to-face playing/recording with my music partner, Mark. This time, the Elvin Bishop song Fooled Around and Fell In Love...

Mark played piano, organ, bass, and electric guitar. I was on acoustic guitar, drums, and vocals.

We have been in the Phoenix area for a couple months, and it has been a treat to work/play together at least 3 times a week. We'll be heading back home to south Texas soon.

Once I am home, we will again be recording together... apart, with the Spire Studio. I will miss my friend and the playing, though.

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