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coyote95667 11-25-2021 07:26 PM


Originally Posted by Robin, Wales (Post 6861231)
Hi Andy,

That must have taken you quite a while to pull together!

I would suggest an amendment to your section on thickness:

There is a non-formal but universal agreement on the nomenclature for pick thickness - based on the D'Andrea/Fender/Gibson et al celluloid picks. This is close to these figures:

Thin - 0.46
Medium - 0.71
Heavy - 0.96
Extra Heavy - 1.21

If you go into any guitar shop anywhere in the world and ask for a medium pick then they will show you ones that are around 0.71mm, not ones up to 1.5mm thick as shown in your Treatise.

And I think that you should have a section on the player's influence on the picks that they select.

Or you could just replace your whole Treatise with this, which covers everything: :D

this is spot on - original treatise writer's protest notwithstanding. medium picks have a definition already (~.6 to ~.8). It's as if Stevie Ray Vaughn came along and said folks "like me prefer 13's on our strats so I hereby designate them light gauge". I mean, anybody can say anything they want on the internet, but just go to Sweetwater's site or any other site and you can see the common usage definition of thin, medium, heavy, extra heavy picks.

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