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J.R. Rogers 12-31-2016 03:08 PM

2022 Rules update
For 2017 and beyond, if you sell guitars or build them for sale by someone else, or are a dealer commissioning custom-built guitars, you must be a sponsor to post here as there is a financial benefit to your exposure here. There are plenty of "free" social media sites out there but the AGF is a well-cultivated community with a long history and a good quality membership base and it costs money for us to run this place well. Aside from the fact that it's just good etiquette to support the community forum that you enjoy reading and participating in, the cost at $99/yr is minuscule compared to the potential benefits received. Your guitars may be offered for sale at the top of the Custom Shop and in the Marketplace, your website is listed in our sponsor directory and in your signature and profile, and the AGF offers you the benefit of a virtual guitar show that is running here 24 hours a day throwing light on all aspects of your industry. Plus, we have more than 30,000 people reading through this forum every day from all over the world, many with the wherewithal to be one of your customers. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation and for helping keep this community a great place.

Click here to become a sponsor.

J.R. Rogers
Acoustic Guitar Forum Owner and Founder

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