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SJ VanSandt 08-09-2018 05:07 PM

Thank you all for the encouraging words. This is an exciting time for me, with lots of music in my life and some ridiculously good guitars to inspire me. And another on the way! Check out my first view of the top with the cutaway:

Steve Kinnaird 08-09-2018 05:19 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Perhaps you'd like a neck with this body Stan?
Here are the loose parts awaiting glue/clamps.
Dark center stringer to match back inlay, b/w lines either side, and then the main sections of Honduran mahogany.

Attachment 11807

Then comes the glue and clamps:

Attachment 11808

And a shot to further illustrate the over/under clamping pattern, to distribute clamping forces more evenly:

Attachment 11809

It all looks pretty rough at the moment, but will clean up nicely.
We'll leave this in clamps for at least 48 hours.


nacluth 08-13-2018 02:44 PM

Fretboard making. A 12 fret Texas Ebony fretboard with a curved end.

I cut out the blank (pictured last page) to shape. Then I rout a channel for purfling.

After the purfling is glued in, then we have to bind the fretboard. Once bound we radius the board with sandpaper to a 16” radius.

Then we clean the slots, sand the binding to correct width, and check it out.

Thanks for watching.

TomB'sox 08-13-2018 03:46 PM

That is a beautiful color on that fretboard, will go so well with the top once finish is applied!

SJ VanSandt 08-14-2018 11:56 AM

Oh, man. This makes me think of a certain Beatle song.

SJ VanSandt 08-16-2018 06:15 AM

Steve cutting the binding channel .

Bending the bindings for the cutaway.

TomB'sox 08-16-2018 06:30 AM

Coming right along now Stan, pretty soon she'll be off for a few week spa trip, that is the hardest part!!!

SJ VanSandt 08-16-2018 10:16 AM

I know, Tom - no pics for weeks!

RGPGuitars 08-18-2018 06:06 AM

Another beautiful build.!!. Can't wait to see the finished guitar and hear how it sounds. Russ

mikealpine 08-18-2018 07:10 AM

The coloring is great, just exuding warmth! Love how this is looking. Should be gorgeous under finish.

Daveac 08-19-2018 08:04 AM

I was lucky enough to see this guitar in person this weekend and boy is it beautiful! I made a trip down to see Steve and pick the wood for my upcoming 00. Spending the afternoon with Steve was great and seeing the guitars they are currently building always makes for a great day. This guitar is going to be amazing and I cant wait to see it completed. Congrats!!!!!

nacluth 08-20-2018 06:10 PM

End wedge installation:

Here’s our jig for the router to sit on that cuts the exact shape of the wedge.

After the channel is cut, we test fit the piece.

Gluing the wedge in with band clamps.

We didn’t have a piece of Amazon Rosewood that we thought was pretty enough, so we actually had to settle with a piece of Brazilian.

SJ VanSandt 08-20-2018 06:37 PM

Oh man! Does that mean I can't take this to my gigs overseas? ;)

Steve Kinnaird 08-20-2018 09:10 PM

Stan, one look at the sides and back and those officials will be hauling you off.

Good luck! ;)


SJ VanSandt 08-21-2018 01:07 PM

Aw man, if I had known that . . . I still would have chosen that Guatemalan rosewood. You'll just have to make me another guitar for my gigs in Afstanagain.

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