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GaultierRedon14 01-17-2022 09:06 PM

New build: Brook Moore "Yeti" Jumbo-- Sinker Cedar/Brazilian Rosewood
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Brook and I began discussing this build about a year ago and work has now begun! Brook has been building guitars for many years. He recently moved from a farm in rural eastern Oregon to an island off of the Washington coast and has set up a new shop there. He has a website that is mostly out of date at this point regarding his models and approach to bracing, but it will at least give you some idea of his history with woodworking and building guitars. For the Yeti model, which is not on his website, he uses a combination of Falcate bracing and some type of classical guitar bracing.

So the Yeti model is a true jumbo body (approx. 16 7/8" lower bout) that is truncated so that the bridge is located in the center of the lower bout.

The body depth at the tail will only be 4.25", so a bit slimmer than a typical jumbo. Brook will be building it specifically for DADGAD and dropped tunings, played fingerstyle, with a 25.4" scale length.

He's building with a very stiff and light set of sinker Western Red Cedar and a dark, beautiful set of quarter sawn Brazilian Rosewood. We're still working out some of the cosmetic details like the neck wood, binding wood, rosette, etc. The Brazilian set is large enough to avoid the sapwood on both the center seam on the back and on the sides. As per my preference, there won't be any sapwood on the finished instrument.

Below is a picture of his first Yeti with a spruce top (on the left) and a few pictures of the Brazilian Rosewood back/sides set he is using for my build.

GaultierRedon14 01-17-2022 09:16 PM

Sinker Cedar soundboard
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In the Yeti mold, with the cutaway:
Attachment 68350

Glued together:
Attachment 68351

This picture more accurately captures the raw color of the cedar!

colins 01-20-2022 04:49 PM

With that lower bout it is well named as the Yeti! I’d need an arm bevel :).

But despite its large size I really like the flowing lines, particularly on the cutaway and the bridge. They are very elegant.

Looking forward to more photos as you progress. How did you come across Brook's guitars?

Guitars44me 01-20-2022 10:14 PM

Boss Hoss
This is a big one! My kind of shape.

Beautiful woods!

Looks like a bevel on the finished one in the pic? Go for one if not too late…

Looking forever to more of this!


runamuck 01-20-2022 10:18 PM

Beautifully shaped guitar that reminds me of Steve Klein's work, - the large lower bout with the high, tight waist.

Jamiejoon 01-20-2022 10:23 PM

Congratulations on what looks like it will be a fantastic guitar. Beautiful design and first-rate wood. I love nice cedar.

GaultierRedon14 01-21-2022 01:15 PM

Thank you for the kind comments! Well, as Brook was working on the back and sides, he found there was a rough spot in the back pieces that would likely crack in the future, so he doesn't feel comfortable working with that set. He definitely knows his stuff and I don't doubt him in his decision. Without going into a long story, we agreed to hold off on the build for now. The reason has to do with me already having another build with another luthier that I'd already planned for later this year, and based on my goals for both of these instruments, I want to go ahead with the other build first, as there is now an earlier opening available in May to start that one. I hope to spend some time with that instrument once it's finished, and then decide what to use for the back/sides on the Yeti, since we're now back to square one on that. Just one of those things, first world problems...
Anyways, I would certainly encourage anyone to get in touch with Brook if you're curious to learn more about his work, and his prices, at least for now, are quite reasonable. He has been extremely approachable and knowledgeable throughout the process. This situation was definitely not his fault.
I first learned of his guitars about 8 years ago, just doing searches on the internet, and I'd been in touch with him a few times over the years. He seems to get customers more by word of mouth and attending some guitar shows in the Pacific Northwest area where he lives. His father was a woodworker and instrument builder, so he's spent a lot of his life around a woodshop. I believe he's been building for over 20 years.
I agree the body design of the Yeti is very elegant, and his cutaway is perhaps the most beautiful cutaway design I've ever seen!
So, that's all for now on this one. I'll post later this spring when my other build starts...

colins 01-22-2022 08:08 PM

Looking forward to a thread on the other build, and again when this one restarts.

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