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sprucetophere 08-06-2021 05:19 PM

Classical Guitar Corner or Artist Works?
Classical Guitar Corner or Artist Works?…. that is the question. Well sort of, I’d be interested in hearing about these two and any recommendations or any website. Until Covid has callmed down I will avoid any in person instruction.


Ceabeceabe 08-07-2021 09:09 AM

Just looking at Artist Works, it appears they offer a variety of genre lessons.

I am not a classical guitar corner member, but have listened to Simon’s podcasts and bought stand alone video lessons. I like both of those very much. Informative podcasts and well presented lessons. I have also bought some graded lesson books which I can recommend.

CGC offers a really comprehensive graded study and repertoire program, with on line and in person instructions.

I am already a member of Jeff Peterson’s slack key workshop, and take individual lessons from Jeff when I have the time, so joining CGC as a full fledged member would spread me too thin. But I think about joining CGC every year…

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