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Mark Hatcher 07-17-2019 03:15 AM


Originally Posted by GeoffStGermaine (Post 6113131)
I've always found Bog Oak to be very intriguing. Thanks for shared your impressions of the material! It will certainly look very nice with the Mahogany and Redwood and certainly seem to carry the vibe you seem to be after with the Woodsman.

Thanks for commenting GeoffStGermaine. Iím happy to bring Bog Oak into my building options!


Mark Hatcher 07-19-2019 04:52 AM

Woodsman Woods
I'm past the 300 posts thread limit now so I'll start up Hatcher's Studio '19 #2 shortly. I want to finish this thread off with a picture of the woods I've selected for the Woodsman guitar I am working on.
When I come back on #2 I am going to concentrate my posts on a different guitar I am working on for awhile and we'll catch up with the continuing progress on this one further down the road:

The woods selected so far are old growth Redwood that is over 100 years old for the soundboard, Honduran Mahogany that is between 200 and 250 years old which will be for the back/sides, neck, internal parts like the heel and end block.
Bog Oak that is between 3,300 and 5,000 years old that will be for the bridge, binding, fretboard, headplate, and various other trim parts.

This guitar will have two upgrades that will add a little to the cost. It will have a slothead and the Bog Oak.


TomB'sox 07-19-2019 06:15 AM

Wow, that is amazing looking wood. The Bog Oak is exceptionally dark. What I have seen before is not so dark.

Yes, Mark is correct, we must close this thread now, but make sure to check out chapter 2!

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