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waterboy 09-09-2019 04:10 AM

A window of opportunity opens
The bridge was lifting on my old classical guitar, it was my first classical, bought new as a student in 1984. In the last 18 months it as been firmly supplanted in my affections by my Cordoba Fusion Maple 12, but I still liked it and played it when I wanted the warmth of Ceder/Mahogany.
My luthier says its not an economical repair. There are other things wrong. Save the money and get something nicer.
My better half imposes a strict one in one out policy just now, so this minor tragedy opens a window of opportunity, a vacant slot on the bench, so to speak.
I think I want something to balance the Fusion Maple, maybe a used C9. I can justify something in the $600 range. No electronics, don't need a cutaway and I think I can manage a full width nut these days (wasn't always the case...).
I would really like some other viewpoints.... is the Cordoba C9 a good way forward, or are there others to consider in a similar range?
By the standards of this forum I'm not an accomplished player, mainly Baroque, classical standards and a bit of Celtic.

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