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jcjenkins3 01-18-2022 09:22 AM

It does in fact have a bridge with good old fashioned pins - it uses our signature ebony Parisian eye pins. The braces pass between the pins.The lines show the contour lines of the top we use in the voicing process. The thicknesses are really only relevant to this top, as each top is thicknesses to a certain stiffness, not a certain thickness. Most tops end up being being similar in thickness because density and Young's modulus are two important criteria we use in selecting tops.

jcjenkins3 01-18-2022 09:54 AM

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Here is a photo of one of the pins.

nootis 01-18-2022 10:37 AM


Originally Posted by jcjenkins3 (Post 6908972)
I'm glad you found it. After BIG, we felt we wanted to join the Forum. So many great folks here, like yourself. How are you getting along with your Gitjo?

The Gitjo has been a fun alternative for me to explore my inner Hillbilly. I like it a lot!

jcjenkins3 01-18-2022 09:36 PM

Dan, I must have a lot of that inner hillbilly.

jcjenkins3 02-17-2022 11:14 PM

Finally, This Guitar is Leaving to Get a Finish
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It has taken way too long, but this Engelmann spruce-bocote Big Hoss for Cedar Rock Studio is finally leaving to be sprayed. Here are a few snapshots taken in the white before it was packed up.

Ernesto 02-20-2022 02:45 PM

Beautiful, with an -almost- traditional sound hole, rare thing on a Lamehorse! I really like the new headstock design as well. Looking forward to hear your thoughts on how the falcate bracing changes the tone...

jcjenkins3 05-03-2022 08:56 PM

Bocote - Engelmann Big Hoss Completed!
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This guitar is completed and headed for La Conner, WA for the wonderful La Conner Guitar Festival in a couple of weeks. La Conner is a beautiful place, and the show is a very good one, with great luthiers and many enthusiastic guitar lovers. In addition to this guitar we will be taking the last Lame Horse OM, a really nice Gitjo, and the first 2 Work Hoss models. It should be fun.

TomB'sox 05-06-2022 08:51 AM

The guitars all look stunning. Have a great show!

nootis 05-06-2022 10:34 AM

Looking fantastic Chris. I happen to be attending La Conner, and look forward to catching up and playing your instruments.

doodahdoug 05-07-2022 05:37 AM

Beautiful work Chris. I look forward to seeing all your guitars at La Conner and catching up with you and other AGF folks there.

jcjenkins3 05-08-2022 05:26 AM

I am so glad that Dan and Doug will be in La Conner. It will be nice to see familiar faces so far from home. We are bringing what we think are some great instruments- this one, the first 2 Work Hoss models, and an OM (which we won’t be making anymore). We will also have a Gitjo. See you there!

jcjenkins3 05-09-2022 04:21 PM

Demos in La Conner
I am very excited. We did not get signed up for any demo concerts in La Conner originally because of some communication mixups. However, because of a cancellation, now the great Matt Thomas will be playing all the various Big Hoss Guitars, including this one, at 11 AM and 4:30 PM in the demo hall on Saturday. We hope to see many of you there!

jcjenkins3 06-24-2022 02:27 AM

Dustin Furlow demo of this guitar
Please go to YouTube and give the demo a listen.

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