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Methos1979 09-13-2021 04:45 PM

Looking for case options for 000-12 fret
My Froggy Bottom H-12 came with a hard shell case that I'm pretty sure is made of stainless steel bar stock, lined with lead and covered in black Tolex. Now, the Frog generally does not hop away from the lily pad all that often but when it does I'd like to take it out in a case that doesn't land me in traction for two weeks! The problem is, finding a decent, lightweight case that offers fair protection in the 000-12 size seems to be about impossible. I've been Googling for days and short of getting a custom Carlton made for me, I see to be out of luck. So time to hit up the AGF hive mind. Can anyone point me in a good direction? Would prefer a hard case but a sturdy soft case would work. Wishing the Godin TRIC cases were made for 000-12 fret but no joy.

warfrat73 09-13-2021 05:11 PM

To the best of my understanding, the Hiscox 000/OM cases fit 12-fret models:

Maybe do a bit of digging on that.

JAMKC 09-13-2021 08:00 PM

Scott, google Visesnut. Killer case but not Calton priced. Like the Hiscox too.

Dotneck 09-13-2021 08:14 PM


Originally Posted by warfrat73 (Post 6808698)
To the best of my understanding, the Hiscox 000/OM cases fit 12-fret models:.

Yup…I’ve got one and both of my 12 fritters fit.

Shaneh 09-13-2021 08:37 PM

Here you go

Wade Hampton 09-13-2021 10:32 PM

Elderly should also have a hard shell case for a 12 fret Triple O that doesn’t carry the Martin name, and shouldn’t cost as much.


pieterh 09-14-2021 12:13 AM

I recommend Hiscox for OM as well, should suit your 12-fret no problem. There’s a reason they were originally called LiteFlite - they are very strong and don’t weigh a tonne!

colins 09-14-2021 01:39 AM

The Hiscox I had years ago was light and well made, but not a great fit for the guitar it came with. So I’m not sure if new Hiscox cases will be a good fit for the Froggy. Maybe recent owners can chime in about the fit specifically for 000 guitars

The Visesnut nut case I got recently is also very lightweight, with great build quality (including the best latches I have seen) and with a built in adjustment feature for a snug fit around the guitar.

Malcolm Kindnes 09-14-2021 03:08 AM

Another vote for the Hiscox 000/OM case.

FingahPickah 09-14-2021 04:32 AM

I was in the same search to suit my Larrivee 000-40. Be sure to consider the depth of your Froggy, since some 000 cases may not be quite deep enough to accommodate a 4.5" body depth.

Hold on to your hat. This $72.00 dread case fits my 12 fret 000 perfectly. It does the job: a decent, bring-to-a-gig arch-top protective case that doesn't weigh as much as my car - and also fits my Martin D-40 when I don't feel like schlepping the Ameritage case it lives in.

The Bard Rocks 09-14-2021 06:01 AM


Originally Posted by JAMKC (Post 6808807)
Scott, google Visesnut. Killer case but not Calton priced. Like the Hiscox too.

You beat me to it. As far as I know there is no case as light and still as protective at the same time as Visenut. Hiscox is quite a bit cheaper. And, like he said, Calton (and others) are much more expensive than Visenut. They have a system of being able to fit many different sized guitars in the same case.

Methos1979 09-14-2021 06:12 AM

As always, thanks to the AGF hive mind! I did look at Visenut but too expensive. If I was taking the Frog out even semi-regularly I'd invest in that level of case, but it would be the rare trip out. The Hiscox looks good but you just can't find them right now. Out of stock everywhere and with the depth of the H12 it might not be a fit.

All that said, someone suggested a 12-fret dread case working. I actually have one of those but it was way too big. But it did remind me that I also have a really nice Gator Go-Pro semi-hard gig bag for 000/OM that comes with a 2" removable base that allows for 12 fret instruments! Doh! Fits like a glove and more than good enough for my need to take the Froggy Bottom out for a night on the town as needed!

Thanks again!

Methos1979 09-14-2021 06:13 AM


Methos1979 09-14-2021 06:14 AM


skyblue314 09-14-2021 07:39 AM

Reunion Blues cases may also be an option...

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