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jaymarsch 09-22-2022 06:28 PM

$24 a pack strings
If I buy strings that are not in sealed packaging, I store them in either an airtight bin or a ziplock bag. I use mostly GHS and Lowden strings these days so packaging hasn’t been a problem but I can understand them shifting to more environmentally friendly packaging as time goes on.
BTW - the Lowden strings are on the pricey side too but they offer discounts and they last a good long while. Not sure how they compare with Santa Cruz though.

zmf 09-22-2022 06:45 PM


Originally Posted by gmel555 (Post 7092258)
..but it looks like they've updated the packaging --

Ah ha. Guess I've had an older set of Santa Cruz strings sitting around for too long.

rmp 09-22-2022 07:19 PM


Originally Posted by zmf (Post 7092229)
Yours came with fairy dust? Mine came individually wrapped, but no fairy dust.
What a rip.

you can't see it, it's invisible..

Forest Dweller 09-23-2022 12:17 AM

You think that's expensive, strings direct herein the UK have just started to stock individual D’Addario XS strings at between £5.50 and £7 each. If you wanted to construct your own custom set it would be over £30!!!

davenumber2 09-23-2022 07:30 AM

I think I'd rather buy 3-4 packs of D'addarios for that $24.

RustyAxe 09-23-2022 10:58 AM

$24 a set? SCGC can come install them for me. Sheesh.

Teleplucker 09-23-2022 01:36 PM

They are expensive but they sound great and they last a long time. That is my experience. I have had no issues with the packaging.

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