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WittGuitars 09-20-2021 01:06 PM

Help identifying this 000 Style.
I've got this guitar this week. It looks more like a Sexauer FT-14 shape with its' more rounded smaller upper bout. What exact body size would this be?

Mahogany B&S, one-piece neck and headstock, brazilian rosewood binding and end graft. Lovely sound. I'm a classical builder and player so not familiar with the many steel-string makers or the exact body sizes. It's very close to a 000 size but you can see it's different. (1)

theEdwinson 09-20-2021 05:52 PM

Has it ever had strings on it? That headstock looks quite perilous.

WittGuitars 09-20-2021 07:40 PM


Originally Posted by theEdwinson (Post 6814183)
Has it ever had strings on it? That headstock looks quite perilous.

Canít imagine this lovely sound without them!

Headstock backed with rosewood plate as well though. This design does so well with lighter tension anyway.

Bruce Sexauer 09-20-2021 08:31 PM

While the center is probably enough to handle the tension, it wouldn't take much of a knob to take off the sides of the headstock. Can't help with the logo.

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