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mr. beaumont 03-23-2021 09:29 AM

I use either an older model Henriksen or a Polytone.

With both, I use a Tech 21 blonde modelling pedal if I want to get a more "tube amp" sound.

Ray175 03-24-2021 02:26 AM

Jazz Chorus is tremendous but just too heavy....Henriksen and Quilter will float your boat. My own sitution for an ES-175D is a ToneMaster Deluxe Reverb at 22lbs it's highly transportable. If i were to travel by public transport I would fall back on my tc electronics BAM200 head fixed on top of a Toob Metro 6.5BG speaker - it all fits in a small sports bag and weighs nothing for 200w solid state output. Lots of comments over at I run a Fender tre-verb in front but hall of fame or any other decent reverb pedal will do...... Always useful to have an eq pedal to help you fine-tune your sound for each venue - I have an mxr 6-band

Robbypad 03-24-2021 06:59 AM

Jazz amps Rivera.
I've watched a lot of videos and my favorites are the Rivera Jazz Recording 50 single channel and the two channel, older, Rivera Jazz Suprema that has the clean channel the Jazz Recording was modeled after. The second channel is not for jazz, having more gain. Anybody with Rivera experience and opinions?

m_g 03-24-2021 12:08 PM

[deleted post]

Robbypad 03-25-2021 09:48 AM

Rivera Jazz Recording 50
Rivera Jazz Recording 50 shipped today...........ES-175 (1954 burst) arrived yesterday. 1956 ES-175 DN arriving Monday. Fun to come next week when Rivera amp lands!

Thanks to those who provided input!


The Old Gaffer 03-26-2021 05:40 PM

Holland Amps Jazz 50.

MooWahmBah 05-23-2021 08:48 AM

SO many choices ...I second what many have said here.
My favorite is my 1966 Ampeg Gemini VI but no way it leaves the house because it`s so heavy and bulky.
I`ve been through Quilter 101, Acoustic Image Chorus, Demeter Mighty Mini and to me the Henriksen is the clear winner over the other lightweight solutions.
That said ...I`ve been on a search for some serious iron with octals to get a deep punchy grunt over a drummer .
I have a Sano 2 x 7591 head.... in search for a lighter Ampeg sound.
I have a feeling that those power tubes are a big part of the Ampeg sound that I love.
AND ...I commissioned an FYD Town & Country ...2 x KT88 with octal pre.
Played one and loved it and ordered one. It still hasn`t got me sold.
My next experiment is the Milkman "the Amp" as a hopeful light package that still carries a tube fingerprint.
Anyne in the archtop world settled on the Milkman?
I WILL be getting one.
BTW archtop is a 15" Koll sand F holes with Guild mini`s so the goal is a hybrid between a 335 and an L5 ...hopefully more L 5

Here`s an example of me and some friends through a Henriksen ...keep in mind the video cam has its own compression.

Steve DeRosa 05-23-2021 11:13 AM


Originally Posted by MooWahmBah (Post 6723581)
...My favorite is my 1966 Ampeg Gemini VI but no way it leaves the house because it's so heavy and bulky...

Those Gemini combos were the go-to amps for in-the-trenches NYC musicians in the '60s; the "Key Club" (NYC's A-list answer to the Funk Brothers/Wrecking Crew) set up a batch of them in the NYC studios - along with B-15's for the bassists and B12-XT's for the keyboard players (and the occasional guitarist who wanted a fatter Twin-style tone) - whose on/off switch was replaced with a tubular lock (hence the name), and keys only available to select players through AFM 802. Used a few of those Gemini I/II combos back then myself, and an organist buddy used to run his Farfisa Compact Duo through a B-12XT (complete with personalized Portaflex nameplate); shame Ampeg never promoted the -XT - if you ever have the chance to play through a good one you'll never be satisfied with a blackface Twin again...


I have a Sano 2 x 7591 search for a lighter Ampeg sound...
FYI there's a certain amount of common DNA (Gregg Hopkins' book Ampeg: The Story Behind the Sound covers it in more detail), and while not in common use among other guitar amp manufacturers some of the early hi-fi guys (Fisher in particular) used them with some regularity in their low/mid-powered power/integrated amps - which leads me to:


I have a feeling that those power tubes are a big part of the Ampeg sound that I love.
They are - especially with the octal preamp tubes used in the pre-1965 small combos, including the top-panel/no 'verb Rocket R-12A I bought brand-new in 1964 (Ampeg guru Dennis Kager checked it out shortly before his passing, and said it was one of the very first ones he worked on when he joined the Linden operation); a lot of guys made the mistake of converting to 6V6 (actually used in the first-edition Rockets - the "A": used 7591's) or 6L6 when NOS 7591's became difficult to find - fortunately they've been re-sourced through the former Soviet-bloc tube manufacturers, so they can be restored to spec...


AND...I commissioned an FYD Town & Country...2 x KT88 with octal pre...
This sounds interesting - I played through a 200W Marshal Major with KT88's about 40 years ago, and unless you've strapped into a dragster and hammered the throttle (I have) there's nothing that compares to the experience. Wonder if Dan Lurie can build you an octal preamp stage with a Baxandall-type Gemini tone stack - a little bit of Linden-era tonal mojo with SVT-style "big clean" grunt should make for great headroom for a jazz-oriented amp... :guitar:

ssstewart 05-23-2021 12:20 PM

My 1963 Ampeg Gemini II sounds awesome with my 29 stewart archtop and a cling on pick up on the end of trapeze tailpiece, can produce a very clean jazzy sound.

Arnie1965 12-29-2021 12:33 AM

DV Mark Guitar Friend 1x12
Hands down, the DV Mark Guitar Friend 12 small, powerful, very light, and with huge jazz tone, this ended my search for a quality jazz combo amp without having to spend a ton of money.


Click here to see in action!

nrand 01-04-2022 02:37 AM

DV Mark 12 Jazz - I use with my Ibanez AS200
Another vote for the DV Line - made in Italy. This one the DC Mark 1 Jazz - purpose made for the job.
50W [email protected], beautiful clean tones for pretty much anything, takes pedals really well. It works very nicely for a stand alone acoustic amp too.
Weighs only an unbelievable 19 lbs. Also available as a 212.

terken 01-07-2022 04:44 PM

Only one vote for the AER Cube 60 so far. Here is a second. For me just the right mix of tone, portability, and a good second channel. Very versatile little amp and easy to gig with. The carrying bag has enough pockets to carry a ton of stuff.

Downside? Mine is about 15 years old at least, it only has 24v of phantom power on channel 2. I think the newer ones have 48.

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