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eedeen 01-18-2022 08:49 PM

Recommendations for good luthier in Seattle/North Puget Sound Region

Can anyone recommend a good luthier in the Seattle/North Puget Sound area? I have a Taylor 413ce that has developed an annoying overtone on the D string. I'm not sure of the cause, but some have suggested issues with nut and/or saddle and others have suggested that it is a "wolf tone" (undesirable resonance). Both seem plausible.

I've fiddled with it myself and taken it to two luthiers with no success. It really bugs me, especially when amplified. There is also a bit of buzz in both the D and G strings when the strings are plucked hard, which suggests nut / saddle issue. But there is also a definite overtone that seems to disappear when I de-tune the D string to a slightly lower pitch somewhere between D3 and C#3, so also could be a "Wolf Tone".

I started noticing it about 3 months after I bought it. I should have taken it back, but thought I could address it on my own. After some research, I tried switching string brands and that worked for a while but now it is back.



Gordon Currie 01-20-2022 01:26 PM

Mike Lull's Guitar Works in Bellevue.

Dusty Strings in Fremont.

There may be individual luthiers around, but I don't know of them. There has been a lot of turnover in the last two decades in the Seattle area.

eedeen 01-21-2022 01:53 PM

I ended up taking my guitar to Dusty Strings (

I can't say enough good things about my experience there. I worked with Paul and John for well over an hour, while they made small adjustments allowing me test it out after each one. They only charged me the minimum shop fee for their time. Although they are over an hour away from where I live, I won't be taking my guitar anywhere else from now on.

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