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Fathand 09-19-2021 07:15 PM

Super Glue / cyanoacrylate sensitivity?
I have developed a sensitivity or allergy to super glue. I can develop runny nose, eyes and sneezing fits after using it for inlays, gluing in plastic purfling etc. Wearing a paint style respirator helps but not completely.

I understand that there are some formulas designed to be less toxic. Has anyone else had these issues and found a brand which is less toxic?

printer2 09-19-2021 08:21 PM

There is one but I don't know the brand. I did a search and found this one. Sure there will be others but these guys have been around a while.

bisco1 09-20-2021 07:17 AM

Try Bob Smith Industries. Works great.

terryj47 09-20-2021 07:39 AM

Try the oderless varieties. I built a lot of RC aircraft. I had friends in the hobby that had to use the oderless CA glues.

John Arnold 09-21-2021 06:39 AM

I developed the allergy many years ago. I have been using odorless ever since. It is not truly odorless, but the smell is slight, and does not trigger my allergy.
Bob Smith Industries Super Gold (thin) and Super Gold+ (medium). Hands down, they make the best CA glues (no affiliation). The downside of odorless is the shorter shelf life. I mail order from a hobby shop that does high volume, so that the glue is fresh. I store bottles in the freezer until I open them.

Fathand 09-21-2021 08:40 AM

Thanks everyone

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