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bls82261 10-26-2019 10:40 AM

Help me ID an old Harmony please
Hello. I was given this guitar by a friend of my daughter. The only info I received was it belonged to her grandfather. I can't figure out the model. Is it possible that it's a customized 1952 to 1955 H1310? I do have the bridge. It has a small crack in the back ( lower bout treble side of middle seam) and the last pic shows some neck separation. Does this guitar have any value?
Thanks for any info.

Steve DeRosa 10-26-2019 08:24 PM

Looks a little beat but restorable; whether you want to do so is up to you - I'm thinking a good couple hundred right up front to reset the neck and seal the cracks/seam separation, but since you paid nothing you should net a serviceable jazzbox in the bargain (BTW those old Harmonys were made from solid woods - not particularly refined-sounding but plenty of acoustic punch and bark, should translate well into the amplified tone). Unfortunately IMO you'll probably just about recoup your repair costs if you decide to flip it - if it were me I'd take it to a tech for an estimate, and if it's within your budget fix it and enjoy it as a period piece...

bls82261 10-27-2019 09:22 AM

Thanks Steve. I'm going to take it in for sure. I still would like to know if this is a production guitar or if it was customized. When I mentioned value I was thinking more about repair feasibility or even as a donor. I seem to slowly acquire guitars but have never sold one.

Steve DeRosa 10-27-2019 01:23 PM

Only "customizing" I can see from the photos is the addition of a Lafayette Electronics "Johnny Smith" style pickup/pickguard assembly, which IMO dates from the mid/late-60s and appears to be of Japanese manufacture (I recall seeing similar pickguards back in the day, in both one- and two-pickup versions, bearing the Kent brand); in addition the ribbed tailpiece, lack of f-hole binding, and two-color sunburst suggest an early ('52-53) production date (FYI I had a NYC-made '46 Epiphone Blackstone archtop that had the identical tailpiece, and I've seen early-50's Epi Zeniths that had them as well), and those individual Waverly tuners (similar to the oval-button Grover Sta-Tites used on midline Gretsch instruments through the mid-60's) identify yours as a top-line Harmony for the period. While you could probably make a few bucks hawking the hardware (especially the tuners) on Reverb/eBay, I'd sooner keep the package intact and restore it to playability...

MinorKey 10-27-2019 02:56 PM

Looks a beauty,I especially like the little tuner buttons

bls82261 10-27-2019 03:35 PM

I'm really not looking to make a profit and to be honest I don't have the motivation to have it restored. I also think it's pretty cool and has some potential. I think it would be a shame for me to hold on to it with no hope of ever fixing it. I really want to pass it on to someone who can give it the attention it deserves. I'm going to offer it to a local shop. The owner has some great renovation pics on his website. I have no idea if he will have any interest but thats a start.

Silly Moustache 10-30-2019 07:42 PM

I think you are right about the model :

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