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PerryE 01-13-2020 09:33 AM

Very hard tension vs normal Daddario
Just bought a really nice Rozini w/ Abeto/spruce solid top and laminate Jacaranda back and sides. It came with Daddario EJ44 Very hard tension strings and although it feels slightly harder compared w/ my regular EJ45 normal tension strings it is manageable. It has a dual action truss rod and if I wanted to switch to normal it should be OK.

My main concern is if I there is risk of the bridge lifting using EJ44? Just went from (humid) Brazil to (dry) Northern Europe.

It is loud with a really different sound that I like and smells great! Produced October last year

Model is RX213 ACN with no electronics

PerryE 01-13-2020 02:05 PM

Very hard tension vs normal Daddario

Just managed to add photos for the first time!!!

I also included a photo of my little cavaquinho

dosland 01-13-2020 05:22 PM

Beautiful looking guitar, and if the person who made it thinks the extra hard strings are fine, that's probably ok. Bigger deal to make sure you keep it climate controlled as much as possible so the glue stays happy. I only learned very very recently that the cavaquinho is the Portuguese original instrument that gave birth to the ukelele. Guess it was easier than lugging a classical guitar (or a Portuguese guitar) around the world on one of those ships.

PerryE 01-14-2020 06:41 AM

Thanks for the compliment and good comment. I only have gig bags and the boveda/Daddario bags dry out really quickly. Feels stupid to buy a hard case for storing only since it will only be transported with its gig bag. Decisions decisions...

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