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tippy5 09-14-2018 12:36 AM

Rocker Teacher analyzing Glen Campbell " Shredding"

brad2001 09-14-2018 07:10 AM

The link provided is bringing up The Allman Bros "Whipping Post" .. did I get Rick Rolled?

Dave Abrahamson 09-14-2018 08:52 AM

Try This one

El Conquistador 09-14-2018 10:46 AM

Fil, of Wings of Pegasus seems to think Glen Cambell wrote Gentle on my mind. It was written by John Hartford, and many of Glen's other hits were written by Jimmy Web.

Also, that Adamas sound really bad.


bbigsby 09-14-2018 12:10 PM

There is another live version of Glen playing that song on an Ovation and he kills it as well. Yes the tone of the Ovation is bad. I have a friend who learnt all the licks note for note and it sounds great played on a nice Martin, but you know what, in my mind it sounds best with the Ovation bad tone.

Brent Hahn 09-15-2018 10:18 AM

As far as Ovation goes, I always figured it was an endorsement deal.

beatcomber 09-17-2018 07:36 AM

I was impressed by Fil's appreciation and respect for Glen Campbell's musicianship.

He may be a metalhead, but he 'gets' it. The entire presentation was very thoughtful and gracious.

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