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Gdjjr 09-14-2021 07:04 AM

Certified Platinum
Earlier this week, Cody Jinks finally got his plaques for the achievement, and took to social media to show them off. But this wasn’t just about him. This was a family affair. After all, Cody’s son is a co-writer on “Loud and Heavy,” meaning he gets his own Platinum record as well. Last year Cody Jinks told the story from on stage.

“My son and I were riding down the road in my white van, it was his second birthday,” Cody explained. “He wanted to go to Tractor Supply Company and see a tractor. While we were up there it started raining, and I said ‘Hey buddy, there’s a lot of loud thunder and heavy rain out there’ and he just said ‘Loud thunder heavy rain’ over and over and over. And I got that tune in my head… He’s got half the writer’s rights on that song.”

Cody Jinks Shares Certified Platinum Song with His Son

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