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PistolPete 09-13-2016 06:01 AM

New Guitar Day: 1936(?) Gibson L50
I got this a week ago after a couple of months of looking for something better than the Antoria I've been playing. My wife has just about started speaking to me again.

The guy selling it thought it was a '37, but after much peering at the very faded FON I think the last character is a B which would make it a '36 (or in different light it might be a 5...). Either way it seems to be in remarkably good nick for the age it is.

Here it is in action on one of my songs:

kayakman 09-13-2016 12:41 PM

Nice L50..

upsidedown 09-23-2016 04:05 PM

Beauty. It looks elegant w/o the pickguard (one man's opinion).

Nice Rory Gallagher-like tune too.

redir 10-04-2016 01:44 PM

NIce sounding old guitar in great shape for being that old. Did you fix the bridge position though? It looks like it was canted for a lefty.

Wyllys 10-04-2016 04:13 PM

If you ever want to sell...

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