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Guest 928 07-08-2021 09:29 AM

arm rests
Has anyone tried the John Pearse arm rests? Or any other arm rests?

jdinaz 07-08-2021 10:25 AM

I asked that question in the General forum for a wood guitars and was ridiculed and made to feel stupid for asking such a silly question. LOL Which didn't really matter in my decision, I finally decided against it considering that removing them appeared to be hit or miss on wood. Not worth the risk. I would think that would not be a risk on the CF guitars. I doubt that helps answer your question...

benderman57 07-08-2021 10:57 AM

I have them still on a few Tak pro series that I play out with. I see no real difference using them. You just adapt to them I think but someone else might really love what they do. It would have to change your arm position slightly and may enhance tone and or volume acoustically a little bit but I doubt it would be anything I could hear. If they started to come off I would probably not bother putting them back on. Never tried on a carbon guitar but everything I own now days are Emeralds with all kind of contours/Bevels so no real place to adhere one too.

Of course other builders make more conventional designs that they would work with.

It sure would not hurt to try one.

Guest 928 07-08-2021 11:09 AM


I think it's often the case that those who cast ridicule simply do not understand the subject matter.

What got me going on the arm rests is that I've sold my last Emerald and have been playing a small Cordoba and suffering the sharp edges at my upper arm. And while searching out everything that has ever been written about the Savoy I saw a picture of one with a beautiful arm rest. Several people asked about the arm rest and several people turn out to have made their own. In looking on line I see a number of production units and I'm thinking of getting one for the Cordoba that I could later use for a Savoy (if I end up with one).

Hence my interest in hearing from anyone who has tried any of the production models.

NoodleFingers 07-08-2021 01:43 PM

I have one (ebony, slim) on my RainSong Concert OM. I like it. It rounds the corner somewhat, which is nice, because the corners are fairly sharp. It also stops damping from my arm.

I have another guitar with a bevel, which is more comfortable. But I'm definitely glad I got the armrest for the RainSong.

Mandobart 07-08-2021 07:35 PM

I've got one on my Ovation 12 string, my Altamira Sel-Mac copy, my Eastman arch top and my round neck resonator.

I've also put different brand and style (using viola style chinrest hardware) arm rests on all my mandolins, mandola, octave mandolin and mandocello. I've got Nechville style armrests on my banjolin and banjitar.

I like the way they better position my arm/hand, and they're more comfortable than resting on the edge of the instrument.

But I can't bring myself to put one on my Martin HD-28.

srick 07-08-2021 07:42 PM

I have them on my Bourgeois 00 Country Boy and Guild GAD 30. It's more comfortable on my arm and it keeps my arm elevated off the sound board (to prevent deadening the sound). I've been playing this way now for quite a few years.

With all of these guitar gadgets, you never know until you try 'em. And sometimes, IMO, the little changes are like cross-training - you learn how to play with lots of little changes. Then, if you don't like it, change it back. Ultimately, the tone comes from you and your technique.



PS - you also help to keep a small army of innovators employed. They are some really great and creative people, so heck, go for it! Get an armrest!

Frettingflyer 07-08-2021 07:54 PM

I have the Andreas Abel arm rest, use it some on my Lucky and have tried it on others. No marks ever and does ease the edge out.
Not promoting the store, just looking trying to link to the product.

jdinaz 07-08-2021 09:44 PM

Now that's interesting !

BlueStarfish 07-08-2021 11:03 PM

I have one on one of my wood guitars. I put it on because I was starting to get visibly failing poly finish right at the point where my right forearm rests on the lower bout in playing position. It’s my “project guitar” (low purchase price and lots of mods, I have used that guitar to learn how to do set-ups, install pickups, etc.) so I wasn’t concerned about ever removing the armrest or impact on resale. The Pearse rest not only hides the existing finish damage but also prevents further damage (because it keeps my arm up off the finish on the lower bout). So it does what I meant it to do. Doesn’t seem to really affect tone one way or another.

AZLiberty 07-08-2021 11:58 PM

I have one on my Taylor 12-string.

Seems to make more of a difference on a 12, which are heavier braced.

Nymuso 07-09-2021 02:59 AM


Originally Posted by jdinaz (Post 6759452)
I asked that question in the General forum for a wood guitars and was ridiculed and made to feel stupid for asking such a silly question. LOL.

What was the basis of their accusation of silliness? Was it one of those, “this question has been asked . . . do a search” put downs? I can’t see what is silly about asking any question in a forum.

jdinaz 07-09-2021 07:48 AM


Originally Posted by Nymuso (Post 6759907)
What was the basis of their accusation of silliness? Was it one of those, “this question has been asked . . . do a search” put downs? I can’t see what is silly about asking any question in a forum.

Not really a put down per se I guess, main comment I remember was that if they were needed, the pros would use them.
i am joking a little with my comment, sorry to mislead, I don't consider it a serious issue.
like I said...I do what I want being a grown man. :D This is, a good informative thread,

Aspiring 07-09-2021 11:27 AM

I have the John Pearse on two guitars that it came on when I picked them up used.

my BlackBird El Capitan and my Thompson T2. I also have the Abel that I use occasionally on my other guitars.

And I have several guitars with an armrest bevel built in.

I believe the OP has played a lot of instruments with the bevel. The bevel is the easiest and best for comfort.

The John Pearse is a second. When I first received the BlackBird the rest was in the wrong spot for me as I play modified classical style. Moving it to the right spot made a noticeable different in comfort.

As to tone, both my BlackBird and T2 are two of my best projecting guitars. The armrest probably contributes a bit. With the Abel it is a small but noticeable improvement to me in tone but it rarely is worth the effort to pull the Abel out and put it on. I will use it occasionally if I'm recording.

Methos1979 07-12-2021 10:21 AM

I tried one early on, on a Martin 00-28VS as I found the forearm edge sharp and uncomfortable. It was okay. It gave a more rounded edge but at the cost of adding thickness to the surface. I sold the guitar with it still on so I don't know if it was removed and how that went. I did not notice any improvement to the tone although in recent years I have found that raising my arm off a wood topped guitar does in fact improve the tone and sustain.

Then I went over to wood and CF guitars with bevels and really liked the comfort factor. But then I came full circle back to non-beveled guitars, both wood and CF. I don't notice the edge issue anymore because I either play with long sleeved sweatshirts or if I'm in a T-shirt I'll use a cutoff sock on my forearm because I don't like the feel of skin against a gloss finish guitar. It also helps keep that forearm 'smudge' from happening and provides a little added comfort from guitars with sharp-ish edges.

The RainSong is slightly rounded so that's not an issue.

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