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reeve21 11-21-2020 08:20 PM


Originally Posted by macmanmatty (Post 6556257)
Also Travis style with a palm muted bass will next to impossible with out a thumb pick.

Hi Mac,

John Hurt. I rest my case :)

davidbeinct 11-23-2020 11:45 AM


Originally Posted by JayBee1404 (Post 6554759)
Have you tried Propik Fingertones? They have a hole in the blade which permits the finger-flesh to contact the string, so you do get some ‘feel’. They sound ‘warmer’, less strident, than standard finger-picks too. I personally prefer the ‘split-wrap’ type, but the other kind is good also.

Attachment 47150

Attachment 47151

Thanks I have tried those. They are better. Still tough though. I suspect I haven’t stuck with it enough. I may try again. I usually use thumb ‘n’ three unless I’m doing a lot of bluesy raking with my index finger. I suspect it might help me with finger picks to back down to one or two at the most. My past attempts my ring finger really feels in the way whilst wearing a pick.

davidbeinct 11-23-2020 11:47 AM


Originally Posted by reeve21 (Post 6556276)
Hi Mac,

John Hurt. I rest my case :)

He also gets a lovely tone and plenty of volume.

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