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Guest 928 02-22-2019 01:26 PM

Teaching can be a heartbreaking activity. My conclusion after 30 years of such activity is that yes, there are students who will not be reached. On the other hand, teaching has the potential to change lives, to bring esteem and accomplishment to a student. That potential is what kept me going.

In looking at your video, I'd say that you may well have brought the joy of music to a student or two. Good expedition.

Captain Jim 02-25-2019 07:02 PM

I guess I must have guilted some of them: there was evidence that some of them actually practiced. ;) One kid professed that he practiced "a little bit."

I said, "By 'a little bit,' do you mean you looked at the guitar as you walked by it? :D I told you I'd know if you did or didn't practice."

"I'll do better for next time - I promise!"

On the bright side, we worked on a two-chord song at the end of class... and by "worked on," I mean: I played and sang slowly while they tried to keep up with the changes.

"Four beats - feel the change!"

I am hopeful... but I am an optimistic kinda guy.

On another guitar related front: the replacement Bose S1 arrived today (a battery issue with the one I have). I put the old one in the box the new one came in, taped it up, took it to the UPS Store and they scanned the barcode Bose sent me... done. Easy. Kudos to Bose - they certainly understand customer service done right.

Captain Jim 03-04-2019 06:46 PM

Another lessons update: we had a guitar class today, and then won't have another for 2 weeks due to parent/teacher conferences later this week and spring break next week.

It was apparent that some (most) of them have been putting in some practice time: they are getting the chords, but still slow to make the changes for a song. Today, they learned "Happy Birthday to You" and I gave them their assignment for over spring break: with the chords that they have learned, bring in a song they want to learn that uses those chords. I will learn the song and teach it to the class. Pretty easy assignment... they don't have to learn the song, just look around on the internet and find a song.

Two kids came into class with their guitars not tuned and the other kids were encouraging but let them know that they were wasting class time.

One kid today asked, "Do you know how to play an F#min7th?" He thought it must be a "really hard chord to play because the name is so long." :D We haven't gotten to bar chords, yet.

Still plugging away at it. Only a couple weeks more of lessons after their break before the Blonde and I head back to Texas.

Guest 928 03-04-2019 07:26 PM

The last shot, as you leave town, should be you and your better half, wearing white hats, riding Palominos, you sitting deep in the saddle, playing a guitar and singing a duet of water, cool fresh water. Muy Bueno!

zeeway 03-05-2019 06:28 AM

Good on you, Capn Jim, for your teaching. I was impressed by the tiny video...seems as if they were making a joyful noise. They apparently all have the desire, which is a great start. Kids are harder to keep focused, but they also can learn faster. The challenge, alas, for every teacher.

I have wondered if most people can learn the guitar, if they like music enough to sing at home or in the car. The resources available today on Youtube make the learning within reach, for most of us...but I still wonder how do we help friends at least start down the path.

Most of us, especially mois, will never play lead with Eric Clapton, but I still receive joy every day from my playing. At least one of your kids will be playing years from now because you started him on that path.

kramster 03-05-2019 06:50 AM


Originally Posted by zeeway (Post 5997577)

At least one of your kids will be playing years from now because you started him on that path.

That will hopefully happen.

Captain Jim 03-05-2019 09:20 AM

Yeah, I hope some of them will stick with it. It is pretty apparent in watching them that a couple of them really do want to learn... and a couple of them are there because "playing guitar is cool." Until the next "fun" thing comes along. ;)

And, the one kid who thinks we should be writing songs, but has only made it to 3 classes. :)

An interesting collection of personalities.

Guest 928 03-06-2019 10:17 AM

It sounds like the kid who only made three classes may be off writing songs.

Captain Jim 03-16-2019 09:01 PM

It will be a couple days before there is another lesson with the school kids. But today, was all about old friends getting together and making some music. Mark and I played in a duo in the mid-70s... helped put us both through college (second time around for both).

The four of us are the kind of friends where we can go a long time without seeing each other, then pick right back up again.

I introduced Mark to my Emerald X10...

Judging by the smile, I think he approved. While Mark plays guitar and bass, his main instrument is keyboard. We settled in to make some music...

I got the Spire Studio out and recorded some of the play... we didn't set up mics, so I'll have to do some mixing when I get the time.

kramster 03-17-2019 07:39 AM

Gotta like a guy named Mark that plays keys... just sayin’

Captain Jim 03-17-2019 09:52 AM


Originally Posted by kramster (Post 6009669)
Gotta like a guy named Mark that plays keys... just sayin’

How could you not?

Mark and I are the same age. In high school and college, he was a wrestler. He has always been more physically fit than me, but back in the day, he was bulkier. These days, he is a runner and a bike rider, and definitely more svelte than my roundish, rogue(ish) shape.

Back in the 70s, we were getting some promo photos done. The lady in the studio said to Mark, "You are quite the hunk."

This was before I had heard that term, but I could tell it was something good. I said, "What about me? What am I, chopped liver?"

She looked at me for a moment and said, "You are a fox."

Fox sounded pretty good, but I don't think it was up to the level of hunk. I asked, "If I put on 30 pounds, would I be a hunk?"

She said, "No, you'd be a short, fat fox."


What we looked like back then...

jdinco 03-17-2019 09:57 AM

Did you ever have Bell Bottom Blues ? ;)

kramster 03-17-2019 10:24 AM

I wrestled with the thought of wrestling... but Pa needed us to work on the farm and that grappling would take after school work time... so I guess I was saved a bunch of embarrassing losses and just wrestled hay bales, which by the way I could win at quite handily... so I got that going for me...I guess.
Did I mention I love my CF and Ekoa guitars

Captain Jim 03-17-2019 10:43 AM


Originally Posted by jdinco (Post 6009814)
Did you ever have Bell Bottom Blues ? ;)

We all did back then. Could be worse... imagine us in skinny jeans!! :eek:

jdinco 03-17-2019 12:39 PM


Originally Posted by Captain Jim (Post 6009865)
We all did back then. Could be worse... imagine us in skinny jeans!! :eek:

LOL..oh no! Yeah, I was right there with you, my wife still reminds me of some of the pants I wore. But I didn't have any CF guitars back then.

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