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Silly Moustache 01-17-2019 06:33 AM

YouTube Access EU & USA (please read before 22nd)
Hi, many of you know me - I've been around here for a while. Been here since 2006 and posted some 13,000 contributions.

I also have a YouTube channel - Silly Moustache.

We in the EU are concerned about the implications of an EU ruling which, I understand may be enacted on the 22nd of January - that's next Tuesday.

This is about copyright, and I'm not commenting on that, apart from the fact that like many on YouTube, I do covers of songs written by other people a\nd seek to credit the originators whenever possible.

I do not monetise my channel in any way.

YouTube and other American based websites are concerned at the implications of this new ruling and their response may be to block access to and from European contributors (like me) and many others, or even take down our videos.
At the time of writing this - 13.30 GMT I have 1251 subscribers and over 238,000 views.

People have been so lovely since I made my first video on the 10th July 2006, and many are members of this forum.

So, if you are one of those who like my videos and/or find them useful, please watch this one and consider what I propose to do.

Thank you.

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