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jdpresto 02-13-2001 09:30 AM

What is your favorite song / piece to play?

What is your favorite song / piece to play on your Taylor guitar?

If that is too specific, what is your favorite artist, or maybe even just genre that you enjoy?


ihs 02-13-2001 09:46 AM

My favorite is probably a little fingerstyle piece I wrote myself. It's very simple (key of C) and short (around 2:00), but I love the sound of it. It has such sweet, mellow chord progressions, and I'll usually end just about every "session" with it. I really love to play just about anything fingerstyle, but this song just seems to do it for me.

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mapletrees 02-13-2001 11:32 AM

I was going to list some fingerstyle titles (Chet Atkins), but decided it's a toss up between George Harrison's Here Comes the Sun and Don McLean's And I Love You So. Actually, throw in John Denver's This Old Guitar. (Those are three of my son's favorites)

People have all sorts of opinions about John Denver. At least check out that one tune. Never get sick of it.

GordonHLau 02-13-2001 01:21 PM

My current favorite arrangements to play are Caravan by Chet/Les Paul and the Beatles' Michelle. Next month it will be probably be something else.


jdpresto 02-15-2001 12:54 PM

Well, I guess it wouldn't be fair if I did not include my own current favorite(s).

Flavor of the week: Clapton - Signe

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Sheaman64 02-15-2001 01:53 PM


I agree with you. I think John Denver has some great music to play. I love This Old Guitar. I am just starting to learn his music. It is nice to know that I am not the only one!

mapletrees 02-15-2001 09:04 PM

Hey - Do you have the John Denver TAB book put out by Cherry Lane Music Company (part of Hal Leonard Corporation).

It's the only one I know of - It's called

The Authentic Guitar Style of John Denver. It's part of the Cherry Lane Music Acoustic Guitar Series. It has This Old Guitar in it.

This Old Guitar is in the Travis Picking style - are you familiar with Travis Picking?

Whether yes or no - did you see my post called Excellent Fingerstyle Instruction Book/CD's in the main section of this forum ( I think it has sadly made its way to the 2nd or 3rd page by now)? If you like ANY sort of fingerstyle playing you should read that.

By the way,

I met my wife because I was playing a John Denver tune! (My Sweet Lady)

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Sheaman64 02-16-2001 01:35 AM

No, I am not familiar with the Travis Picking style. The only style I know of right now is mine! lol... That is why I am taking lessons. I will go back and look at your finger style segment. Thanks for the info. on the book. I will definitely try to find it.


Jeff M 02-16-2001 01:55 AM

Shea, the Mark Hanson Travis Fingerstyle book is a must if you are interested in fingerstyle. Absolutely shook me out of the rut I had been in. Very simple method that builds to great results.

axememan 02-17-2001 07:38 AM

'lucky man'[elp]...curruntly trying to finger it out...samewith 'from the begining'....and 'little old lady behind the counter in a small town'[pearl jam]...and i'll probably have a different list next ever i butcher up on my 810 sounds so NICE!haha

guitargirl677 02-18-2001 07:51 PM

I love John Denver, get his "Wild Life" cd,it is a double cd set . He plays Taylor guitars to as A bonus.

vince 03-16-2001 03:43 PM

Blackbird sounds great on my 25th anv. model.The action is great highs and low really ring out

Dakota 03-17-2001 01:33 AM

My favorite to play would have to be Clapton's "Tears in Heaven." The song has a special meaning to me because of the near loss of my son after an accidental shooting. Fortunately, he is fine now.

mapletrees 03-17-2001 07:44 PM

My Great Aunt hadn't said anything all day - nothing - , just staring out the window blankly....

I played something called "Eight Bars on the Highway", short, easy, little, but in a way killer piece from an instructional book called "Blues Solos for Acoustic Guitar" (Johnny Norris)

she looked over and said in a three-packs a day since the last Ice Age voice..."Play it again ****it."

The tune goes on the list....

....good little book (with recording) if you want to get going on acoustic blues....there's a post about it in the Acoustic Guitar Music section of the forum....starts extremely easy and gets cookin' by the end of the book....

mapletrees 03-20-2001 12:06 PM

Add another Johnny Norris song...'Aluminium Blues'....from his Super Solos for Acoustic Guitar....yeah!

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