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Dee Forty 01-15-2020 04:51 PM

New Martin acoustic-electric hybrid: Martin SC-13E review
Spoon Philips already has a review up of the new "secret Martin".

Sounds pretty wild but pretty cool. Traditionalists and unconventionalists will both probably have a thought or two to share.

Full review here:

eatswodo 01-15-2020 04:58 PM

My spidey senses are already picking up incoming Luddites :)

If only Martin had omitted the truss rod, and used bar frets. That would have made for some truly good sport.

Ludere 01-15-2020 05:01 PM


llew 01-15-2020 05:58 PM

My first thought was where else do they have do go? Certainly a major departure from traditional Martin builds. But...I'll wait until I get a chance to play one (if I ever do?) before I make any decisions. It's an odd looking duck IMO but may sound really good? Pricey for a laminate guitar but some big name builders charge a whole lot more for laminate back & sides? Good luck Martin.

slooky 01-15-2020 08:03 PM

I don't think this guitar is laminate.
The back and sides are gorgeous Hawaiian koa, laid down as a fine veneer over an interior core made of solid Khaya.

Goodallboy 01-15-2020 08:13 PM


Originally Posted by slooky (Post 6266246)
I don't think this guitar is laminate.
The back and sides are gorgeous Hawaiian koa, laid down as a fine veneer over an interior core made of solid Khaya.

And that would be a laminate, wouldn't it?

No big deal, it's a new design so nothing wrong with it being a laminate guitar. Many fine ones are laminate.

I'll be interested to read more. Don't need it, won't buy it, but still interested in learning more about the new model.

Steve DeRosa 01-15-2020 09:01 PM

If you currently have a DX-420 gathering dust in your music room, this will make the perfect complement...

Matt McGriff 01-16-2020 03:25 AM

Hereís a video from NAMM on the SC-13. Seems interesting.

M19 01-16-2020 03:49 AM

Bolt on neck!

lowrider 01-16-2020 04:02 AM

In the article I read last night it said that this is the first completely new body style from Martin since the '30s. I don't have any feelings for tradition so I think it's a great idea and I hope to try one as soon as they arrive at locally.

The fact that it's made to be played with .11's makes me wonder about it's acoustic tone. It could be a guitar that's made to be plugged in most of the time, like the new 16 series guitars. For that we will have to wait and see.

It's a Road Series, so it will be a relatively inexpensive guitar. Has anyone seen a price to it?

lowrider 01-16-2020 04:03 AM


Originally Posted by M19 (Post 6266396)
Bolt on neck!

Yes, bolt on neck with ''linear dovetail''! Does that mean that it slides in horizontally?

Wade Hampton 01-16-2020 04:06 AM

Thatís a very interesting article. Thanks for posting the link, Dee, and welcome to the forum.

Given the price point where Martin has positioned it, I expect weíll start seeing these new guitars in our local music stores as soon as Martin starts shipping them out.

Which in Alaska means no sooner than April at the earliest, probably more like May. Martin doesnít ship to us during the colder months. But I expect you folks living in warmer climates will see them fairly soon.

Iíll be delighted to play the first one I see.

Wade Hampton Miller

M19 01-16-2020 04:09 AM

Martin guy in the video said May time frame for shipments to dealers.

MaurysMusic 01-16-2020 06:51 AM

I'm hoping to play this one today!

Treenewt 01-16-2020 06:56 AM

I am intrigued, honestly, and I can't believe it. It looks (and specs) like a Taylor/Breedlove product more than a Martin, and that excites me a bit. I really like the idea of the new neck carve, cause I just can't get along with the ubiquitous MLO PA taper neck. I LOVE the neck on the Modern Deluxe, so I guess I'm not as traditional a Martin guy as I once thought. Curse you, modern technology!

I'm not wild on laminates, but still, I'd like to play one of these. Kudos to Martin for trying something different.

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