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Jimmy Koh 02-10-2019 10:31 AM

Lava Me Review
Yes I have tried it.

It is loud for it size, it is nicely priced, and the onboard electronic and amp are similar to that of the ToneWoodAmp. Interesting.

The things thatI donít like:
1.smooth, curvy sides that slip away from my body easily. But may be okay for the standing player.
2.18 frets.
3. Not made with 100% CF. May not even contain any CF at all that I suspect.

Take note at the honey comb braced composite soundboard - the biggest contributing factor to the big sound.

I may have to give it a second listen...

btbliatout 02-10-2019 01:35 PM

Neat. You just raised my awareness to a new brand :-)

Spent just a bit of time looking around online about it. For anyone interested, here's a few links that you may enjoy:

It sounds like if you can get this at Singaporean prices, it'd be a steal.

Until there's loads of reviews out there, I would always be cautious of quality control. Who knows, maybe they have it? Then again, maybe not?

EvanB 02-10-2019 03:23 PM


Thank you bringing this to the forum. I had seen the guitar before now, but it looks as though there have been some improvements and some effort at publicity. I wonder if this instrument was at NAMM?

Jimmy Koh 02-10-2019 03:36 PM


Originally Posted by EvanB (Post 5975905)

Thank you bringing this to the forum. I had seen the guitar before now, but it looks as though there have been some improvements and some effort at publicity. I wonder if this instrument was at NAMM?

Hi Evan,

I doubt they were at NAMM. But the Singaporean dealer whose shop I visited went to NAMM. He told me Lava Me has a huge domestic market back in China and they would focus more back home and may branch out later. Our Singapore shop here has the full range of Lava Me guitars and I am fortunate to try hence the quick review. The guitar is into its ver 2.0 now with onboard reverb and delay function plus the ToneWoodAmp alike amplification. Price is around $700USD. All Satin finished. Blue is my choice color. Dealer told me some tourists grab as many as 6-7 pieces home.

I am on the fence mainly of the texture and the questionable material. Construction looks neat, but can be too much like a toy. Sound is definitely big and full range for the price. Purist will turn away because of the non CF weave look.

byudzai 02-10-2019 07:29 PM

Few thoughts:

1) We all love carbon fiber, but do we know why? I'm sure many modern synthetic materials would be perfectly adequate, or even superior to CF, for guitar-building.

2) I don't like that the hole is too small to reach a hand through.

3) I want an orange one. :-)

steelvibe 02-10-2019 10:02 PM

They sound impressive! Jarvis always does great reviews- he is one heck of a player.

Cool555 02-11-2019 12:49 AM

Hi Guys. I am from Singapore and I own both the LM and Lava Me 2 version. Got the LM2 on the first day of 2019. I like it very much and I choose the blue one! It has the free boost system, which is very similar to Yamahaís Trans-acostic (TA) system. I usually play it without plucking it into an amplifier. If I want or need it to be louder, I just turn on the Free Boost (TA) by pressing a button on the top of the guitar.

Now for its cons (as opposed to pros). Its nut width is even slightly smaller than 1 11/16Ē and unsuitable for guys with big hands and stumpy fingers. And knowing how many guys on AGF dislike the GS Mini because of its smaller nut width (1 11/16Ē), the LM2 is out of contention for many people on AGF. Yes, the tiny top sound hole is too small to slip your hand into it. Its scale length is 23.5Ē.

I would describe its tone as warm and very balanced. It is fairly loud and resonant for a small guitar (as loud as a GS Mini) without using the Free Boost (TA). No, it doesnít slip off my lap while playing it seated. I am not sure if it is made of some other material that is not Carbon Composite (CF).

Hope this is informative and somewhat helpful. I donít think the Supplier ships this guitar to the US at the moment. So for now, enjoy the Rainsong and Emerald CF guitars that are available.

The usual IMHO and YMMV applies. ;)

ac 02-11-2019 02:25 AM

I'm interested to at least try it since I'll be in Singapore at the end of the year or early next year. But for me, I like sound hole access and prefer a different nut and scale length. I wasn't particular in the past, but AGF has slowly made me more picky :-).

Maybe by the time I travel there will a second model available to try, but even then, I have all the guitars I need for the limited play time I have available.

I watched the construction video(s) when it was first introduced several months ago and it's apparent it is not made from carbon fiber--at least not carbon fiber cloth--but carbon "something else".

If I recall correctly, it begins with "carbon" pellets that are melted and then injected into a mold. It hardens very quickly and moments later, voila, you have the guitar, or parts, at least. A very automated and clean process.

Maybe the pellet are infused with carbon fiber particles or tiny fibers? I really don't know and they never got into that level of detail. I assume it's still very strong--but maybe not quite the same as normal carbon fiber composite.

Regardless, as mentioned, if it produces good sound, is quality made, plays easily, it certainly will also have the main advantages of other CF instruments--being care free. With the NEVER ending heat and humidity of Singapore, this should be attractive for players. I know the other CF makers have sales there for the same reasons.

For many players, the drawbacks for me are not drawbacks at all but pluses. And if the electronics work well--it makes a very interesting guitar. I think I like the looks as well.

Cool555 02-11-2019 03:25 AM

Lava Me Review
Hi Ac, the guitar that I own is the second version. The third version (if it is actually produced) that they can come up with is perhaps a bigger version of this Lava Me 2. Bigger in terms of nut width, scale length and body size. I have a friend who is about 5í8Ē and he likes this guitar very much, except that its nut and the body size is too small for him. Heíll be happy if a larger version is produced. Letís see if a third version of this Lava Me comes out. They will most likely sell well in US (assuming the complexities of trade between US and China is resolved).

Cool555 02-15-2019 11:44 PM

Updated nut measurement for Lava Me guitar
Hi there. I measured the nut of this guitar and here are its specifications:

Nut: 43mm (43mm*)
Distance from low E to high E strings at nut: 35.5mm (37mm*)
Distance from low E to high E strings at bridge: 53.5mm (56.5mm*)

* Measurement for GS Mini.

Measurement are taken using a measuring tape. They are quite accurate but not super accurate.

J.R. Rogers 02-18-2019 02:35 PM

I've been following Lava Me for awhile on social media and I got the impression that they were going to sell in the US. I really admire the design of this guitar and hope it makes it over here. Our student market needs something like this.


EvanB 02-18-2019 06:43 PM

Yes, but no nylon. I believe that nylon strings and slightly wider nut width make it easier for beginning students. They can play longer and have a bigger space to play in.

Like you, I am intrigued by the style, the price, and the apparent playability.

Have you bought one? Yet? What color? Just asking. (I'd go for the white).

Jarvis 05-20-2019 09:08 AM

i just tried the new LAVA Me 2 ..and they sound amazing and the price is extremely value for money...

Here is the video...let me know what you think ...

Gtopp 10-20-2019 08:13 PM

Great Travel Guitar
Iíve been playing acoustic guitar since 1977. In all these years, Iíve owned many many guitars. I play live every few months and do lots of composing/recording.
I bought this guitar a week ago for a variety of reasons.
Firstly, I live in a subtropical environment and own a very expensive Martin that is now struggling due to humidity. Itís a beautiful guitar but itís in need of specialised repair now, which is not available in my area. Iím watching it fade away and am absolutely considering cutting my losses and selling it.
Secondly, I liked the various video reviews for the Lava, particularly of the onboard chorus and delay. Just seemed like a nice idea.
Finally, I bought it because I was going camping for a week and needed a small/light travel guitar that wouldnít mind being in a hot tent during the day.
Iíve owned it for a week and hereís what Iíve discovered:
The build is great, being a one piece ďcarbon fibreĒ (sort of) instrument - i.e. the neck and body are one - I have the feeling that itís solid. I like the action and the playability a lot. The neck feels great. Frets are nice. Machine heads are quality and keep it in tune. A lot of thought went into the engineering of this guitar.
The sound is better than I thought it would be. Definitely more on the treble end but good volume and sustain. Easily as good as any more expensive wooden guitars Iíve had.
While I like the internal delay/chorus, I found that I used the internal effects sparingly as the guitar is just fine without them. This being said, I donít regret paying the extra to have them included as they offers a nice option should the wish for a different sound arise. This isnít a criticism of the installed ďfree boostĒ module but rather a comment on how good the guitar sounds on its own. This was a surprise given its size.
It was baked in a hot tent during midday but stayed in tune and seemed happy and content. This is maybe the guitarís most important selling point. I have a feeling that itíll will be around for a long time without the need for repair.
Itís small. If you like to play solos high up on the neck you should probably stay away. It plays nicely with a capo on the 7th, which is mostly as high as I like to go.
Overall the guitar has exceeded my expectations at this point. No regrets at all.
My Martin is looking at the new Lava Me 2 with some concern . . .

slibbinas 12-23-2019 08:27 AM

I saw doubts that Lava is not made of carbon fibre. No doubt, it is made from CF for shure.
Carbon fibre is know to be condctive to electricity. I took multimeter and measured the resistance from inside of the quitar andI got 200oM resistance when probes were in 1cm distance from each other. I did not measure from outside because outer paint is not CF I suppose :)

Traditional carbon fibre has a lot lower resistance, but do not forget that Lava is made of composite that specifications can vary from traditional layered CF. For example 3D printer filaments with CF (~20%) are not conductive at all. So Lava is definitely made of CF composite or close to 100% CF.

BTW. Anyone knows how to change the LiOn battery in Freeboost version? It may be needed in a year or two when the battery gets old. It is good to know in advance.

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