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DoffGuitars 03-18-2017 12:27 PM

Model Doff C (Doff Classic)
We wanted to create an instrument that would be fully match to the wishes of music schools and colleges students, at the same time taking into account the fact of price and quality optimization.
The famous dynasty Ramirez guitar of 1919 was taken as a basis. We used the same acoustic string layout, all necessary dimensions and deck thickness.
It would not be fair to say that our instrument fully repeats the sound of Ramirez’ guitars, there is no wonderland (quite different materials and of course absolutely different level of execution).
However, the instrument has turned out incredibly light and melodious. We considered musicians wishes as well: the thickness and width of the neck, the height of the strings over the neck, the convenience for playing the upper frets and many others details, which at first glance seem to be no significant, but have so strongly affect on the musicians play.


Model : Doff C

Body size : Classic (length 490mm/”, top width 285mm/”, bottom width 370mm/”, thickness 102mm/”, dome-shaped bottom deck)

Face deck : Solid cedar

Rosette : Cut-in wooden, made from different wood species, sound hole diameter 85mm/”

Bottom deck : Solid maple with walnut insertion

Body sides : Solid maple

Purfling : Solid walnut

Neck : Maple, attachment to the body at the 12th fret; walnut and ivory insertions in headstock

Nut : High-impact plastic

Scale length : 650mm/”

Amount of frets : 19 (albata)

Neck width at the nut : 50mm/”

Neck width at the 12th fret : 60mm/”

Saddle width : 80mm/”

Body deck and body sides cover : Mat lacquer

Face deck cover : Mat lacquer

Fretboard and tripod’s material ; Palisander

Saddle material : High-impact plastic

Mechanics : Metallor classic, with soft vent pegs

Pickup adapter : It can be installed as an option

Performance versions : Available version for left-handers

Packaging arrangement : Guitar is completed with original box

YouTube : Classic
eBay :

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