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steelvibe 01-11-2018 12:45 AM

soundhole pickup question
Any players here placed the soundhole pickup of your choice on the bridge side of the hole or even just experimented to see how it might affect your amplified sound?

M Hayden 01-11-2018 01:06 AM

Yup. It changes the tone a little bit, similar to Strat middle pickup (using a Sunrise).

It doesn't sound bad, just different, with a few more available harmonics - the default position on the guitar it’s in partially cancels out the 5th-fret (1/4 scale length) harmonic. Looks weird but works fine as long as the polepieces are adjusted to manage the B string, which is hot. I preferred the tone in the ‘normal’ position, and moved it back - it’s a little fatter and darker, like the neck pickup on an archtop.

Not sure how it would work with other mags, bit it’d be worth a try....

varmonter 01-11-2018 07:37 AM

i too messed with it and found similar results
as above. i moved it back.

noledog 01-11-2018 08:27 AM

* I did it with my M80 in my D18 and agree with previous posts...I moved it back to forward position but still enough to get the 5th fret harmonics.

** FYI... I also set it at an angle with the low E side further back towards bridge like a reverse angle strat. This gave the low E a bit more bite and presence and the higher B & E strings a fatter, fuller sound. I kept it that way and gigged with it like that with both my D18 and Goodall CJ for about a year, but eventually moved it back even and forward again.


steelvibe 01-14-2018 12:20 AM

Pretty much what I thought I would see regarding feedback from folks who have tried this- thanks for responding!

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