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gmstudio99 11-06-2000 11:01 AM

Ok Acoustic Guys...what's your preferred electric?
If you play an electric, that is, what's your favorite?

I hadn't really ever "loved" an electric until I got my 1997 Fender California Fat Telecaster a few years she's my number 1 electric and I just love the variety of tones in there. I have .012 flatwounds on her, so she's good and "stiff", and resonates rather well when unplugged. I had a bigger budget set aside to pick an electric, but this one fit the bill at less than half my allotment. That's always nice!

So what do you guys prefer?


Noflatpick 11-06-2000 12:54 PM

Hey Paul: Well, I only own one solid-body electric, so I guess that must be the one I prefer.

1999 Jeff Beck Stratocaster in "Vintage White", which is really pale yellow.

I really like the big fat neck. Feels more like an acoustic guitar neck, and after 30 years of playing acoustic, those thin electric necks felt **** weird to me.

J.R. Rogers 11-06-2000 02:01 PM

Hey, NoFlatpick.. That's a great guitar! I personally play a Fender American Deluxe Fat Strat, which has the new Fender Noiseless pickups.

I don't know that I have a "favorite" electric - I really love them all. If I had to pick one or two, I'd pick the Strat Mentioned above and My Paul Reed Smith McCarty Soapbar Standard or Custom 22 Soapbar. - Love them soapbars!


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11-06-2000 02:44 PM

I only own 2 electrics, and really like them both in their own ways:

1) Fender Custom Shop 1960 strat in Dakota red

2) Fender California Fat strat in Candy Apple Red

I guess I like red stats with rosewood fretboards and vintage hardware.

jerome 11-17-2000 10:37 AM

My favourite electric is of the bass variety. It's a Zon Sonus 5 string, transparent Caribbean Blue over ash, Lane Poor pickups, Seymour Duncan Electronics.
(not a bass player, but I play one all the time)

Brett Valentine 11-17-2000 12:35 PM

Well, my favorite these days is my koa Carvin DC-135T. At first, i wasn't crazy about the clean sound of the pickups (added a TBX tone control to it, and it sounds fine now), but the action is so good it should really be illegal. I also added a Fishman Power Bridge to it, and so, it became my utility guitar, but I couldn't practice on it because it's action is so low, it's not any work, so I just use it when I play out. Distortion and feedback-wise, it's so musical, it's almost alive.

I'd toyed with the idea of replacing the pickups with Duncans, but haven't got the heart. This one works for every style, and is the perfect combination for my Boogie Mark IV.

I've also got a heavily tweeked TexMex Strat w/ a Hotrails in the bridge position(0.011's) that wails for blues. It is also the current residence for the hex pickup for my guitar synth (yeah, i know, too many toys).

I've also got a DC400T, an ES335 (set up with flatwound 0.11's for jazz these days) which used to be my main guitar. Of the 4, this is still the most solid and stable, with the Strat following. The Carvins are a bit tempermental[sp?] as the weather changes. I also have a Japanese reissue Fender VI Electric Bass Guitar (which I converted to a very long scale baritone electric), and a 6 string Washburn bass.

That's it for electrics for now. I sort of lead a double life. . . one electric, one acoustic, and mentally, they seem qualitatively and quantitatively different. It's always interesting to bring them together on the same recording.


franchelB 11-17-2000 08:49 PM

Sometimes I'll like my MIM Tele, sometimes I'll like my Les Paul Deluxe.
"Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't..."

gmstudio99 11-18-2000 09:16 AM

Jerome, good point...I should clarify that I'm mainly a bass player and my MIA Standard Jazz is my #1 and probably will be for life...


fg 11-21-2000 08:49 AM

I primarily use a Tele plus, 2 tele pickups with strat mid. It's contoured like a strat. I replaced the lace sensor pickups with Seymour Duncan Nashville 5/2 and a Harmonic Design Vintage 54 strat in the mid. It's one of the most versatile guitars I own. The other guitar I love to play is a Godin LGXT. It has three separate outputs including synth and acoustic. With three amps it is a wall of sound.

trumpet77 11-27-2000 10:37 PM

MIM Fender strat

After playing acoustic for many years, its a real blast to play some electric. Have played many guitars at stores, but the Fenders feel best to my two hands.

update--sold the MIM standard , bought a Jimmie Vaughan strat. probably the cheapest signature strat, has the Tex-Mex pups, seems to be really nice.

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ChuckB 11-28-2000 08:09 AM

Am I the only PRS guy here?? I enjoy my CU24. Won't give it up. Ya can't have it till ya pry it from my cold dead fingers.

david515 12-01-2000 04:57 PM

I haven't owned an electric guitar since college (which is to say, the sixties) but one day will get a Gibson SG to replace the one that somehow disappeared during that era.
DD (414CE)

Broly 12-14-2000 05:46 PM

My Fender CS 50's Relic Strat.

Looks just like Jimmie Vaughan's and has tone to the bone! I've owned 9 strats (last count) and played several REAL 50's strats and this one sounds better than any of them.


Pvee 12-21-2000 11:53 AM

Fender Tele's with a humbucker in the neck position can be one of the most versital guitars going. I have a fat tele also, plus I have modified several teles for that sound.

Scotty Anderson plays an old Tele like that with Special pickups by Jim Rolfes, I think his name is.

That guitar can sound like a jazz box, a screaming tele or anything in between, and of course Scotty's right hand technique has a lot to do with it.

For some sound samples click here.

Armand 12-21-2000 07:05 PM

I've owned a 70' SG Special with P90 pickups since 70'. Love the action on this old thing and the P90's can scream with lots of crunch. I play it on a 66' Fender BFDR.

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