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Dustinfurlow 01-12-2020 09:19 PM

Antoine Dufour harp tune..
This completely blew my mind. Such precision and clarity. Can't imagine recording a harp guitar to this level of clarity and fullness is an easy feat!

ncognito1 01-13-2020 02:41 PM

I saw Dufore perform at WILS a few years ago. His laptop was connected into the house, in what sequence I couldn't tell you. Afterwards, I asked him about the use of his computer. He said that for each song he had previously programmed a customized soundscape. His performance was flawless and moving.


ncognito1 01-13-2020 02:45 PM

Is that little metal cylinder inside the sound hole a mic?

fazool 01-13-2020 05:30 PM


Originally Posted by ncognito1 (Post 6264216)
Is that little metal cylinder inside the sound hole a mic?

yes it is an internal mic

Kenny B 01-15-2020 09:26 AM

When I first saw this I thought it might be a cover from an old Yes song back in the 70s... but realizing that was not the same song, I certainly was not disappointed with how this sounded. As always, Antoine has some of the best recorded acoustic guitar sounds on the net. I mean, I cannot think of anyone who has a better sounding audio for acoustic guitar on a youtube video than Antoine Dufour. He has really got that sound down and I'm sure his articulate playing has much to do with it as the mics, preamps, plug-ins, etc.

If you go back years to Don Ross's "Passion Session" CD recorded in 1999 and listen to that, then compare it to his "PS 15" recorded in 2014, the differences in quality is amazing. I think there was a lot to be learned about recording acoustic guitar as a solo instrument that has not really come to its own until the last few years. Now you have guys recording amazing sounding and playing acoustic guitar.. it's really stunning. Don't know if the OP was talking about the song itself or the recording quality, or both.. but Antoine is a genius, almost never a glitch in his playing which is remarkable.

steelvibe 01-19-2020 01:27 PM

That may be the most perfect piece of music ever from Antoine.

Might just be the best instrumental guitar piece ever written PERIOD. Simply gorgeous, soul-shaking. Profound beyond words and forgive me for even trying.

Naboz 01-19-2020 08:59 PM

More Dufour
As far as Antoine goes, his duet with Tommy Gauthier on "Solitude" is an exceptionally fine piece (insert youtube link here :confused:) that moves me more-so, but that's my opinion.

jmat 01-20-2020 01:45 PM

Partial capo and also 6 extra strings. Sounds like a math problem and math, like this piece, is so beautiful.

jay7347 01-25-2020 03:48 PM

His sound is just incredible. And that's coming from someone who owns virtually the same guitar, only in a fan fret. Antoine has got wonderful chops dialed in to the max!


ceciltguitar 01-25-2020 09:12 PM

Very nice music! Excellent performance! Excellent recording!

Daniel Grenier 02-08-2020 08:18 AM

Flawless technique. Both in the playing and recording. I don't know if he did record this himself but he has quite the studio and he is very well versed in the complex art of recording - start to finish. I believe he has recorded many other guitar players. Here is his studio.

JonnyBGood 03-02-2020 09:11 AM

Gorgeous and yes, monster sound!

guitarman68 03-18-2020 06:24 PM

Wow, nothing but awesome !
Thank you for posting this one.

By the way: The internal mic in the soundhole is a K&K trinity mic - affordable and great sounding. I use it for a long time. Not sure if he uses it in the vid.

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