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garysathome 02-18-2016 07:29 PM

Ear for quality sound
Just a thought but many here have very discerning palettes when it comes to the sound of your instruments and have spent a small fortune on them but when you playback a cd is your hifi up to the job.

Brant0086 02-18-2016 07:42 PM

This is actually a great thread, but would be better suited in a different sub-forum. Having said that, I own a set of Klipschorns that are the mains of my home theater system and a Belle Klipsch center for good measure. I enjoy listening to music as much as playing.


Guest316 02-18-2016 07:54 PM


Originally Posted by garysathome (Post 4833526)
Just a thought but many here have very discerning palettes when it comes to the sound of your instruments and have spent a small fortune on them but when you playback a cd is your hifi up to the job.

I think so, but I always use Skullcandies. :)

Bob Womack 02-18-2016 07:55 PM

In my case, um, perhaps. At home I listen on a pair of UREI 811c time aligned studio monitors that I picked up from a studio at fire sale prices. I added subwoofers.

At work I listen on the big brothers of my home speakers (813B/C) that contain basically the same main coaxial time-aligned drivers but add a secondary bass driver to fill them out.

Power is from David Haffler amps.

So perhaps it is a passable pair of rigs.


jseth 02-18-2016 07:59 PM

I have a "decent" hi-fidelity system at home... NAD amp/receiver and a set of B&W speakers (the little guys...). Not what I would call audiophile, but decent.

I am surprised that, at 64 years with 45+years of performing behind me, I can still hear the difference between vinyl / CD / downloadable files (mp3 and the like...). Don't get me wrong, I am THRILLED that I can still hear distinctly... just surprised, is all...

ChuckS 02-18-2016 08:26 PM

At home I listen using Paradigm speakers. Very fine for acoustic guitar recordings.

The Bard Rocks 02-18-2016 08:27 PM

at home listening
I have a couple of stereo systems at home, both older but quite good, only a bit short of a fanatic's audiophile quality. That said, most of my listening is when I drive and for that, it's whatever came with the car. Too much road noise to warrant better equipment.

But, true, I don't have the same standards for that as I do for guitars.

semolinapilcher 02-18-2016 08:42 PM

Your point is very, very well taken.

MP3 songs purchased from iTunes and played through my laptop speakers...? :D

rmyAddison 02-19-2016 07:11 AM

I'm pretty sound conscious, my home theater has the flagship center w/sub, towers (paired with subs), surrounds and rears from DefTech, with Denon and Rotel electronics/power (3000 watts).

My PC goes a Mackie Big Knob, so I can listen to Youtube and surf the Internet listening through my studio monitors.

My studio has Adam Audio and Neumann reference monitors and sub. My ears are old now at 66, but yes I have an appreciation for quality sound....;).

RayCJ 02-19-2016 07:17 AM

Yamaha HS7 powered studio monitor speakers do the trick for me. Audio comes from the PC, patched to the microphone pre-amp/integrator and signals go to the speakers.

Is it live, or is is Memorex? Can't tell the difference from my own playing and recordings thru that setup.


Earwitness 02-19-2016 07:18 AM

Let's go to Bob's house and listen to some music.

RoseAdi 02-19-2016 08:30 AM

Horns and tubes here. In my case its a pair of super efficient Klipschorns and a pair of custom 12 watt single ended class A amps and Audio Research preamp. Signal is from a Linn Sondek turntable. Spread is 17' for a life size three dimensional image.

BTW 12 watts with the super dynamic horns produces near real life dynamics and concert volumes (if that's what you want - but save those ears!). Sounds great at low levels too. Hey, it's all about matching power requirements between speakers and amps, not to mention correct impedance matching at every point in the chain.

guitararmy 02-19-2016 08:37 AM

You folks have some nice sound systems. Unfortunately mine have gone the way of the dodo.....

bizango1 02-19-2016 08:41 AM was a hard core lifetime audiophile and listened to music nightly for hours until I picked up guitar again a couple years ago. Now I just want to play my guitars instead of the hifi which cost the same as three or four new Martin Authentics. When I do listen to the hifi it sounds lifelike and wonderful whether on acoustic music, jazz, classical, or techno. It works out great to play along with CDs like when I put the Stones on and play my Les Paul through the Mesa Boogie.

Then my wife comes home. I need a bigger house.

dneal 02-19-2016 08:47 AM

I was into home stereo in the '80s, when Carver was big, DBX and JBL weren't owned by Harman, etc... Most of that stuff is long gone, but I think I still have a Carver amp in the attic.

Now I'm not so particular. I've got an Onkyo home theater system with Polk speakers. For fidelity, I listen to music through a set of Beyerdynamic DT880's with the sound processed through a Schiit Bifrost DAC and Valhalla tube headphone amp.

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