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gerardo1000 01-26-2019 10:22 AM

What's happening with Composite Acoustics ?
I wonder what's happening with Composite Acoustics ? Why Peavey is not promoting them and why they have not launched a new model in years ? In my personal opinion, it is an excellent brand of CF guitars with a distinctive, almost woody tone, so there should be a clear market niche for CA. Maybe it is because prices are too high? I mean, when you have to spend 3k for a GX, you start looking around : McPherson, Blackbird, Emerald Customs with woody veneer.... I have a fantastic 2015 Composite Acoustic OX high gloss, red, with L.E. Bags pick up, in mint condition, and I was lucky enough to pay for it $950.00 pre-owned. But if I had to spend $1990.00 for the same guitar brand new, I do not know, maybe I would have not purchased it...there are excellent Rainsong (and Journey) cf guitars that cost quite less than 2K. Even Emerald guitars, in their standard configuration, cost less.
Any way, it is sad to see this great brand slowly disappear with less and less dealers and, as far as I know, a smaller and smaller presence at NAMM.

EvanB 01-26-2019 11:02 AM


I think a lot of us have been surprised that Peavey would take on CA, make some great improvements, and then let the product languish for lack of promotion. I've also been surprised that Peavey did not advance its CF offerings with an electric guitar.

Earl49 01-26-2019 11:09 AM

It costs a LOT to make a new guitar model, especially in CF where you need new molds (each well into five figures) and new processes. These are usually built in small shops with lots of hand labor at low production levels - more like a handful per day, not hundreds per day.

I agree with you on price. They have to be competitive in the marketplace. My LGS is a CA dealer, but $1799 for a Cargo w/ pickup and ~$3200 for a Gx or Ox is just not going to compete well. Rainsong's C-H series starts at ~$1350 and my latest Emerald was just over $2300 delivered, for comparison. Add in the market niche of wood versus CF and you have even more buyer resistance, not just price. I enjoy playing the wine red Gx every time I test drive it locally, but at that price it will never come home with me to join the herd. There are at least three other CF guitars that I would - and actually did - buy first.

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