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RGPGuitars 01-07-2019 03:22 PM

This is my newly redesigned SJ17, 17' lower bout, in Cloud Cocobolo. I have had this wood for 7 years and decided I better make it before I get too old to play it. It is a lefty for myself, and probably the last guitar I will ever make for myself. I have multiples of every kind of guitar I could ever use or want. Lol.
All guitars after this will be for sale.
At long last, and after much procrastination I have a website. I invite you to visit my website to see and hear my guitars. More on this build to come. Russ Parker

David Wren 01-12-2019 02:59 PM

That cloud figured Cocobolo is magnificent stuff ... I only had one set of it ever and wish I'd purchased a LOT more! That stuff is just going to pop big-time when you get a finish happening.

Your SJ shape looks fantastic Russ ... I can only imagine what it'll sound like!

What kind of strutting did you use on the top of this one?

RGPGuitars 01-12-2019 03:44 PM

Thanks Dave. Ya, I wish I had more too. Can't imagine what it would cost. Coco has tripled in price since I got it 7 yrs ago. And it was expensive then. Lol. I used a standard scalloped X brace but with lattice bracing instead of the usual 2 harmonic bars. It has made a huge improvement to the sound of my guitars, good balance , and bigger voice.

Guitars44me 01-12-2019 04:41 PM

Beautiful Coco!!
After decades of playing smaller guitars plugged in for gigs, I am now playing BIG ones unplugged. Good idea to build yourself a Jumbo! And what a Cannon this should be.

I spy a port! Another fine feature...

Thanks for sharing, and have FUN


RGPGuitars 01-13-2019 07:33 AM

Thanks Paul. Being a tall guy, big guitars are not a problem for me, even though I like other sizes too. The tap tone of the top before and after glue up is very promising. Hopefully big but not a boomy bass.

David Wren 01-15-2019 09:39 AM

Hey Russ ... forgot to mention ... love the new site! Great info and really nice audio clips by Rick ... nice!

RGPGuitars 01-15-2019 11:15 AM

Thanks Dave. Big Sky Design did a great job.

cigarfan 01-22-2019 04:14 AM

Beautiful set of Coco! Can't wait to see some finish on it.

And congrats on your site! Fine job! :)

RGPGuitars 01-23-2019 12:54 PM

SJ17, in finishing
Thanks Cigarfan.
Here is the guitar in finishing, waiting to cure before final sanding and polishing.
I am using almost the last KTM9 I have. Any recommendations about substitute water borne finishes would be appreciated.
The neck is torrefied flamed and birdseye maple, ebony fb. Also an experiment that I am sure is controversial, no adjustable neck rod, just 2 1/8" x 3/8" cf bars/rods. The reasoning that the adjustable neckrodslot weakens the neck makes sense to me, and that the cf is enough to stiffen the neck works, well, we shall see. LOL. It dos allow a lower profile neck, and I like that. It is an adjustable neck with partially elevated fb.

Tim McKnight 01-23-2019 04:20 PM

Beautiful guitars Russ. If your looking for another waterbourne finish you might try General Finishes EnduroVar product. It does NOT spray well but it brushes better. I liked the finish on the samples I applied it to but I could not get it to spray without fish eyes. I called them and spent a great deal of time with customer service and long story short the product can NOT be atomized without flow out issues. It dries hard, sands like a dream and buffs easily so it might appeal to you?

RGPGuitars 01-23-2019 05:49 PM

Thanks Tim. Sounds good as I can't spray anymore in my new place. A small trade off for a really nice small shop. Cheers,Russ

David Wren 01-25-2019 02:48 PM

That looks stunning Russ!

RGPGuitars 01-25-2019 03:26 PM

Thank Dave. Must say, I am anxious to hear its voice.

RGPGuitars 02-02-2019 08:57 AM

SJ17 Finished
Just finished and making music. I am extremely pleased with everything about this guitar. I think that the cocobolo is not only the most beautiful coco I have seen, but the most beautiful body wood I have ever seen. I am so glad I bought it back 7 yrs ago.
A first for me, there is no adjustable neck rod, only 2, 1/8" x 3/8" tightly fit carbon fibre rods. A controversial idea to be sure, but it makes sense to me, but I shall see. lol.
The binding is torrefied flamed maple, and a torrefied flamed/birdseye maple neck. Walnut burl ph veneer. Ebony bridge and fb.
The AAA+ sitka top is bound with rope purfling.
I try to keep my builds on the simpler side. As much as I am in awe of the complex, very detailed guitars posted by others, I can't compete with them. We all have our limitations. LOL.
The combination X brace /lattice brace, large, deep body gives her a BIG sound, responding best to a pick or fingernails.
It is a lefty for me, and a lifetime guitar.
as before , I invite everyone to visit my website

Brucebubs 02-02-2019 06:00 PM

The only thing I would change on that is the bridge/saddle and the nut .... so I could play it right-handed!
Absolutely beautiful, superb work.

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