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fujauroste 05-25-2020 12:13 PM

Seagull Mini Jumbo or Dreadnaught for D standard tuning (whole step down?)
I'm looking for some insight from someone who has more experience than I do with different style guitar bodies.
I love my Seagull Cedar Folk guitar and I'm looking for an older brother for it - something with a larger body that I'll get set up in DGCFAD tuning. I've narrowed it down to two options, specs listed below. Which would give a deeper, richer, bassier sound? I plan to use medium or heavy guage strings. Any input helps. Thanks!

Dreadnaught - picture:
Body Depth: 4.9 inches
Body Length: 19.8 inches
Lower Bout Width: 15.87 inches
Upper Bout Width: 11.38 inches
Waist: 10.54 inches

Mini Jumbo - picture:
Body Depth: 4.5 inches
Body Length: 20 inches
Lower Bout Width: 16 inches
Upper Bout Width:11.6 inches
Waist: 9.5 inches

JCave 05-25-2020 01:33 PM

Both good choices. I acquired a 1999 S-6 M before a 1997 S-6 Cedar Folk. So....:D

nikpearson 05-26-2020 02:05 AM

Body shapes and comfort
The dreadnought will have a slightly larger overall body volume, so might be expected to have a little more bottom end - but not by that much.

My preference would be the jumbo as it will almost certainly be more comfortable to play due to the shallower body depth and tighter waist. Looks much more appealing too.

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