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Ariver 05-21-2020 08:30 AM

Bach's Air BWV815 - Video

Hi everybody,

I would like to share with the forum the home recording I made this morning of my transcription of Bach's Air BWV815. Almost at speed, a bit rough, still a little more work to do ;). Part of a project I've called "Gitarre-Übung" in which I'm transcribing some of Bach's keyboard works for guitar. Looking forward to my autumn concerts where I'll be premiering my transcriptions of French Suites 4 and 5.

Feedback always appreciated, it always encourages to keep going!

All the best,

Steinway 05-27-2020 11:37 AM

I was so impressed with your playing. I can hear polyphonic melody very clearly. I with I could play like you. Where can I learn classical guitar online?

Ariver 05-27-2020 02:19 PM


Thanks for your feedback, very much appreciated!:)

This piece is quite hard to play, in some sections the voices are moving in contrary motion which is quite tricky, specially at speed. Still some more work to do to, hopefully it will be ready for my autumn dates were I'll be premiering French Suites 4 and 5. I'm very happy that the polyphony is fairly clear at this stage.

All the best,

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