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bestremera 05-24-2019 08:13 PM

Humidify Classical guitar
I am considering a classical guitar and have a question about keeping it humidified when not playing, which I believe is considered important. I would be considering one of those items that is put into the sound hole. My question is how sealed a case will work? Will a quality gig bag be enough to seal in the humidity or does humidifying required the seal of an expensive hard case? I’m considering a more entry level guitar and I don’t want to spend nearly as much on the case as on the guitar.


AndreF 05-25-2019 04:48 AM

If you want a cheap, but effective solution, just wet a sponge, put it in a plastic baggie with holes, and stick that in the string compartment of the case.
That will keep the inside at an acceptable humidity level.
Iíve verified that with a hygrometer, so I know it works.
If you take the guitar out for extended periods of time though, make sure the room itís in is also humidified. Again, a little portable and battery operated hygrometer is good enough to show you how dry it is.

bestremera 05-25-2019 11:16 AM

Thanks for the tip.

fitness1 05-25-2019 11:50 AM

No question the better the seal on the case, the more efficient your in-case humidifier will be. Michigan winters make it imperative that the case has a reasonable seal on it.

I'm sure my instruments would be sunken and cracked if not for being in quality cases with case covers over them. I also use a dual humifier system (both home-made) That uses quality sponges and regular (about once a week) re-hydrating.

Just about this time of year (until about mid October) I get to take a break from it all;)

jrethorst 05-26-2019 02:28 PM

Taylor Guitars has several pages of good info on instrument care. Regarding humidification, see

John R.

bestremera 05-27-2019 08:48 AM

Thanks for the Taylor link and other insights. I have enough to go on.
Thanks again for all the input.

Paul_P 05-29-2020 11:45 PM

I'm near Montreal, so hot humid summers and dry cold winters.

I've found that by maintaining humidity around 45% in my appartment (house before that) keeps my instruments at their ideal level and it's good for me as well.

I wouldn't want anything wet near a wooden instrument.

nikpearson 05-30-2020 02:42 AM

Keep relative humidity between 40-60%
And youíll be fine. A good quality hard case, Iíve found Hiscox to give the best seal, will help a great deal. Get a hygrometer to assess the RH in your home and in the case.

One thing to note is that you can lose over-humidify too. Not usually as dramatic as an overly dry instrument but it will likely raise playing action and impact on the sound quality.

There are humidification systems that will also absorb moisture if needed.

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