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MarkinLA 10-17-2020 04:33 PM

Stretching Strings Crazy Idea !
I started the thread "Pulling/Stretching Out New........" and just thought this a few minutes ago !:
Could we successfully stretch new strings one by one before mounting them ?
You know; grab each end and stretch em out in the air...
I don't know if this would tend to pop them any more than when they're installed..I'm also thinking, if stretching does distort the intonation while on the instrument, maybe 'air-stretching' would not..And we're getting the whole length, not just the area between the barrel winding and bridge knot..Another approach would be to tie it on the winder then stretch it before tying it to the bridge.
What do you think ? M

fazool 10-17-2020 05:28 PM

String metal doesn't stretch plastically, (except in the microsecond before it snaps).

"stretching", really refers to pulling slack out of the installation, usually at the winding.

It feels like stretching, and we lazily use the term "stretching" so it reinforces to us the belief that it stretches, but it really doesn't.

NormanKliman 10-18-2020 02:29 AM

I do something like that: I fasten the string at the bridge, poke it through the hole in the roller and, with the string forming a straight line, I pull it (not yank) a few times to make the sound rise to about the desired pitch before winding and tuning as usual. Don’t know if it makes any difference; feedback welcome.

Silly Moustache 10-18-2020 02:54 AM

Some time ago Murmac (?) advised us that strings didn't actually stretch, but we all know that something needs to happen rather than simply fitting the strings and winding them to tension.

I prefer to describe the necessary action as "settling" the strings. If you think about it we fit a string from bridge, over saddle, along the body and neck where they are to be continually deformed by both picking and fretting and then strung over the nut, then again, finally around the tuner capstan.

Surely it is logical that applying some pressure along the string to equalise the tension across all thee areas.

nickv6 10-18-2020 03:49 AM

If you don't think strings stretch, could you accept that they deform? They get longer and thinner (commonly referred to as stretching) :)
Here's what I suggest, mic up a set before fitting. Use them for your usual 4 weeks or months or whatever. Then take them off and use the micrometer again. You may find that not only have they stretched (or become thinner anyway) but they have done it differently at different parts of the string.
The winding, pre nut, post nut, post bridge will all show different diameters.
The highest tension is around the tuning post, which is why locking tuners work so well; no winding to stretch.
So in my opinion the OP idea of stretching ....if it could be done, is a good one.

dosland 10-18-2020 01:47 PM

Fazool says "string metal doesn't stretch", which is all well and good. But as this is the "classical" region fo the forum, I'd suggest we're not really talking about string metal at all (?). Most of the strings on our classical-ish instruments would be some form of "plastic" which absolutely stretches - easy enough to see this happening when your metal-wound bass strings start to lose their shape - sometimes you can see the windings on older strings come apart precisely because the nylon material that actually makes up the "string" starts to stretch along its length. I'm sure one could google around a bit and find someone demonstrating how much the trebles stretch with a before and after measurement, but that's someone else's job...

MarkinLA 10-18-2020 08:30 PM

nickv6. Thanks much for the support ! dosland Thanks too !! That's where my goofy gluing kicks in ! Both spot on !!
Silly Mustache, I'm thinking: Just mount them on the roller only and pull them up in the air...Then when satisfied, knot them to the bridge.
[Warning: No erotic thoughts allowed beyond this point !] ...M

MThomson 10-19-2020 06:59 AM

Nylon strings definitely stretch. My steel string I can string, take slack out and then play. It will remain in tune for long periods. Same process in a nylon string sees days and weeks of retuning. I overtune by a semitone for the first couple of tune ups and find it helps the settling in process. I don't think my grip strength is good enough to stretch by hand. I certainly can't pull the string to the same tightness as the tuning posts

NormanKliman 10-19-2020 09:45 AM


Originally Posted by MThomson (Post 6527481)
...I don't think my grip strength is good enough to stretch by hand. I certainly can't pull the string to the same tightness as the tuning posts

Sure you can. With the basses, at least. I usually don't thread them through the roller at that point, but then you have to be very careful to pull parallel to the guitar top.

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