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Shades of Blue 12-03-2019 01:02 PM

How many of you have truly found "the one?"
How many of you guys out there have truly found "the one?" How does that guitar make you feel? I'm not talking infatuation, honey moon syndrome, or short term love affairs (and yes I am talking about guitars lol). I'm talking true long lasting love, would never sell, and nothing else could make you as happy as the one?

First of all, I envy you. I think the closest I've come to true lasting love in a guitar is with my Strat. That isn't going anywhere. I'd say my next closest thing to true love is my 717, but she was more love at first sight. Not sure how the long term relationship will be yet. I'm really working on our relationship and I am putting in the work? Is this getting weird yet? lol

The reason I ask is because I feel that I am at a bit of a crossroads. I am contemplating selling off quite a bit of gear because I'm tired of the rat race. I'm tired of the gear carousel and I feel like unloading over $5000 worth of gear and calling myself a one guitar man.

Only issue I have is how do you know when you've found the one?

Rev Roy 12-03-2019 01:15 PM

I finally found “the one” when I bought my D-41. Has it all...tone, playability and looks. It’s become like an old friend. So comfortable, easy to play...and the TONE. Just gorgeous whatever style I’m playing.

I may have found a second “one.” Recently bought back a Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Studio that I stupidly sold a couple years ago. Never bought a guitar twice before. It, too, plays easy and looks and sounds sweet. Can’t imagine selling it...again. :D

guitararmy 12-03-2019 01:19 PM

I found "the one" by accident.

I bought a Larrivee D03R on eBay because the price was reasonable, and I already had a mahogany D03. Well, it sounded wonderful! I have owned many other rosewood dreads, but none sound as good.

fitness1 12-03-2019 01:19 PM

I've horse traded way more than most - I don't think I could say that any one of the guitars in my signature would be "the one", but they all do things that I really like on their own....

The Charis is more lush/overtone laden, Mcknight/Poling is more fundamental. Because of the way these instruments were acquired (Charis gifted from the forum members, M/P was won in a contest) they won't be going anywhere.

The Lakewood has a huge voice and sounds like I've wanted all the dreads I've owned to sound, and the Solista project guitar sounds better than any other classical I've owned.

So, maybe I've found "the four";)

If I can't make lots of music with what I've got, I'm a pretty sad player!;)

I totally agree with your philosophy of having fewer/better instruments.

Joe Beamish 12-03-2019 01:23 PM

I always like this topic. I want "the one." I really do.

But several times now, I've discovered that the one wasn't "the one."

My fantasy "the one" can play many different genres of music (jazz chord melody, jingle-jangly Beatles strumming, Celtic finger style, and country blues) equally well, brilliantly, with a magic something-something shining through in every case.

AND "the one" not only sounds amazing with every kind of music, but is also eminently comfortable and playable, never causes me pain or discomfort. The neck loves my hand, and my hand loves the neck of "the one." The lower bout fits perfectly against my body. All is well with "the one."

I MAY have found "the one" very recently. My latest acquisition. But...this is what I always think.

Based on my past experience, I won't know if this latest guitar is "the one" for quite some time.

I hope you will "know" immediately, and find T h e O n e forever :0)

stephenT 12-03-2019 01:23 PM

I have found The Three.

A custom built John How Ladder Braced Concert, a Martin 00-15m custom and a Waterloo WL-12.

Chipotle 12-03-2019 01:27 PM

For me, there's no such thing. No matter how wonderful any particular guitar is, no one guitar can do everything. My taste and playing styles are too varied. I'd be more like stephenT with "The Three". Or maybe even "The Five or Six". ;)

GangstaPat 12-03-2019 01:27 PM


Originally Posted by Shades of Blue (Post 6228192)

Only issue I have is how do you know when you've found the one?

If you have to ask...

J-Doug 12-03-2019 01:31 PM

If I had to go down to one for some unforseen reason I know which one it would be. But deliberately getting rid of what I have in search for the grail...? I'd have to be rather daft to do that. I have a killer guitar collection that took me years to hand pick and I'm not giving them up willfully to chase something I might not ever find. Love the one you're with as they say...

paulzoom 12-03-2019 01:33 PM

I have found the several.:)

Fresh1985 12-03-2019 01:39 PM

I have definately found the one in my 00-28vs. Being a self declared 'mahogany guy' I took a huge gamble on it and for the first year although I like it a lot I was struggling to justify keeping it when I had another excellent guitar in my furch OM32.

But the plentiful string spacing and general playability of the martin just drew me in and as I played it more and more the tone continued to get sweeter, warmer and woodier.

Now after two years of ownership its the perfect guitar, it has single handedly changed my entire perception of what a rosewood guitar could sound like.
Add to that the wonderful v neck, generous string spacing, beautiful aesthetics and its hard to imagine ever letting it go.

It does everything I need it to and doesn't complain one bit, fingerpicking, hybrid picking, carter style, strumming.

I sold the Furch last week and don't miss it one bit, for me it just couldn't match the martin in the end.

I sold the Furch OM last week, the tone and playability just couldn't match the martin in the end

brencat 12-03-2019 01:42 PM

There is no way I could ever slim down to one guitar. And GAS has been particularly bad with me this year.

Charmed Life Picks 12-03-2019 01:46 PM

I found the TWELVE. Does that count?


RalphH 12-03-2019 01:46 PM

I've found 'the two'. I can't see it getting less

It's very early as I've only had it a few weeks so still very much in that honeymoon period but my hummingbird might be it. I really love how it sounds and plays. It's got some cosmetic niggles, but thats Gibson for you and I keep telling myself that it's just what makes it unique. They're bothering me less as time goes on.

I'm definitely in love at the moment. I can barely go an hour without picking it up for a quick strum

My GS mini is an AMAZING fingerpicking guitar. It's pretty good for strumming but nothing like the hummingbird. It is however a great travel guitar with it's small size, light weight and soft case.

I cannot see myself taking the hummingbird camping.

If I had to keep one it'd be the hummingbird, but the GS mini does things it can't.

Bear Davis 12-03-2019 01:46 PM

I have approximately 47 of the "ones"

Just really lucky I guess.

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