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kohara 04-24-2019 09:08 PM

2012 Gibson J-45 PureVoice A3 w/Adirondack... OFF THE MARKET
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Hi folks, I have for sale a super nice and rare version of the J-45. Only 200 of these made back in 2012!

The top and braces are Red Spruce (Adirondack), the back and sides are Mahogany and, as you can see, it has a beautiful sunburst. Acoustically, this is as good a sounding J-45 as I have ever played (and I've played a good many!). I have made upgrades as well, including bone bridge pins, bone saddle and Waverly tuners. It's just an outstanding example of a classic J-45.

Additionally, this instrument features the Trance Audio A3 system, which is closely related to the Trance Audio Amulet (developed over a 10 year period with the help of Jackson Browne) and which has the most natural acoustic sound available in an amplified acoustic. It's just outstanding.

I really hate to get rid of it, but my needs are changing...

The guitar is in excellent condition... a few swirls here and there and a couple of minor indentations (not through the finish), but hard to photograph and not noticeable unless you look for them. There is a little ding on the headstock where it hangs... tried to get an adequate photo of it. It is through the finish but not significant.

Action is very smooth with 12th fret string height right at .110 on the low E and .080 on the high E. No buzzing, plays like a dream.

Street price on these new was $2999. Iím asking OFF THE MARKET via PayPal including shipping to the continental U.S. only.

Iím ohara58 on eBay. 100% positive feedback including a good many guitars. All AGF selling rules honored.

The only trades I might be interested in are the re-imagined D-28 or HD-28... or possibly a D-21 Special.

Thanks! Let me know if you have questions or need any additional photos. My email address is kohara at bellsouth dot net.

Edit: I added a (hopefully) better pic of the ding on the neck/headstock. Itís little cracks in the finish only that you can feel if you run your finger across it. Completely stable.

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Earwitness 04-24-2019 09:42 PM

You didnít actually post a picture of the front.

kohara 04-24-2019 09:48 PM

:lol: Well that was stupid... I'll fix it. Thanks!

billyg 04-24-2019 09:55 PM

Great looking guitar and set up. Mmmmmm. GLWTS

jsanfilippo5 04-25-2019 03:48 PM

ugh. I sold one of these years ago and regret it ever since. I have been waiting for one to pup up and it figures it happens when I am broke!

kohara 04-26-2019 08:09 AM

2012 Gibson J-45 PureVoice A3 w/Adirondack... RARE!
Had a couple of questions about the ďgirthĒ of the neck. Itís not chunky or a v... I get .806 at the first fret. It feels a lot like Martinís modified low oval. Hope that helps!

JoePa and Son 04-26-2019 12:45 PM

"Son" and are fortunate to own one of these, purchased new in 2012. Just a wonderful example of the J-45 sound.


kohara 04-28-2019 01:17 PM

Yíall take a look!

kohara 04-30-2019 06:06 PM

This is a great J-45!

kohara 05-02-2019 10:39 AM


rokdog49 05-03-2019 06:22 AM

The dreaded bare feet in a picture...aaaghhh!
Anyway, good luck with the sale.

kohara 05-03-2019 12:05 PM


Originally Posted by rokdog49 (Post 6052892)
The dreaded bare feet in a picture...aaaghhh!

Anyway, good luck with the sale.

Yeah I thought about that, LOL. Too old to care anymore [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]

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