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KenL 01-17-2019 05:11 AM

+1 on the D-18V with the Mod V neck. My 00-18V has that neck and I love it. And around $2k sounds about right.

Or, if you've got the $$$, the D-18GE is a phenomenal instrument with a nice fat neck.

t.strings 01-19-2019 03:04 PM

Thanks again for all the help and input everyone, much appreciated. I found a D-18V reasonably close to me so I am going to go take a look. The D-18V has 1 11/16 nut. Does anyone own or have played a modified v with a 1 3/4, is it too thick/full? Also if I understand it right the difference between standard taper and high performance is 2 1/4 at the 12th vs 2 1/8? The D-18 got the HP taper in 2016? How long has the D-18 had the modified low oval... how far back would you have to go to find a D-18 with a different neck? Last how would you rate from slim/thin to full/thick out of the low oval, modified low oval, low profile and modified v? Sorry for all the questions.

t.strings 01-23-2019 11:33 PM

Played the D-18V, liked the neck and it didn't give me any problems. Also went to a Martin dealer near me, they took some measurements and we were referencing the chart on the first page. Even had them measure my Eastman neck that I really like, they said the H1 at the 1st was .995. If you add the fretboard to the modified v it's .88, the full thickness is .9 I am going the custom route, standard D-18 with a different neck. Does anyone have any experience with the full thickness? Thought that me be a better profile for me than the modified v because it is c shaped, not much difference in thickness than the v, and my other guitar necks are c. Does anyone have an Eastman with the Traditional Even C? I just think maybe the full thickness would be pretty similar to that Eastman neck.... thoughts? Thanks

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