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Captain Jim 05-15-2019 08:55 PM

More back and forth with this one. The most folksy sound to date. Mark started it with a guitar and keyboard tracks. I added vocals, bass, and percussion (snare and tambourine). Back to Mark, where he added more vocals and an organ track.

A cover of the Traveling Wilburys song, At the End of the Line. I didn't know that was the name of this song (thought it was "Well, It's Alright"). A lot of vocals in the original, the Spire allowed us to sound like more than two guys.

Learning, making music, and having fun.

Captain Jim 05-19-2019 09:05 PM

This Spire Studio recording started as a live track with guitar, keyboard, and vocal two months ago. Today, my music partner added another piano track and a marimba track and sent it on to me. I added another vocal and guitar track, bass, and drums. Our version of Son of a Son of a Sailor...

Captain Jim 05-26-2019 04:50 PM

If you've been considering a Spire Studio, IZotope is offering $50 off until June 7th...

Good deal. Regular $349, buy it now for $299.

Captain Jim 05-30-2019 01:50 PM

Another run at my favorite Billy Joel song. Mark sent me some piano tracks last night. I haven't picked up the harmonica since April, so I did some rehearsing before pressing "record." I added vocal, bass, drum, and harmonica tracks. Here's an updated version of Piano Man...

This works great using the Spire Studio to send tracks back and forth. Mark recorded a "vocal cue" track for me - I had his voice in my ear as I recorded along with his piano tracks, him letting me know when to come in with harmonica, the start of each verse, etc. Slick. Then, delete that track when I have added my tracks. It's a good recording tool.

Captain Jim 06-05-2019 08:41 AM

Some Spire Studio "situation" updates. My music partner's Spire Studio had the onboard mic crap out. He has had it about two months; he's still waiting to hear back from Izotope for some customer support.

He sent me some Spire files last night, with piano and strings (synth) - the Grace Design preamp inputs still work. I loaded those files and added a vocal track. Since that went pretty fast, I decided to go ahead and do bass, drum, and acoustic guitar tracks before calling it a night. When I went to shut down the Spire, it gave me a notice that "Some tracks have been lost."

Yep. The vocal track was still there, but everything after that, including the trimming and mixing, was gone. It was getting late, so I called it a night. Re-did the other tracks this morning.

I held my breath when I went to upload the files to send back to Mark, but everything stayed. Hopefully, that is a one-off issue... or maybe Izotope will be releasing a firmware update to address this?

Mark thought we should learn an Elton John song, since there is new interest in his music with the recent RocketMan movie. Here's our version of Your Song (done long distance with the Spire Studio)...

Captain Jim 06-05-2019 06:25 PM

A quick reply to my question about "losing tracks" from the customer service folks at iZotope (makers of the Spire Studio). I thought I read that when the Spire was connected to your device (in my case, an iPad Pro 12.9), it automatically transferred, then deleted, the files from the Spire unit. Apparently, that is not the case. (?) I was asked to check the remaining capacity... it was 91% full.

They also had me use a function within the set up to send them a diagnostic file. I'll be interested in what they say.

In the meantime, I uploaded Spire files to my laptop, in case I decide I want to do anything different with those files. Otherwise, I save all my completed projects as wav files.

I was impressed with the quick response from iZotope. My partner with a mic issue on his Spire Studio has been told they will replace it. Good customer service in a timely manner.

Captain Jim 06-23-2019 03:48 PM

Izotope replaced Mark's Spire Studio with the non-functioning condenser mic. Good customer service. I sent him tracks with guitar, bass, drums, and a scratch vocal - he added piano, organ and horns (synth). Back to me, and I added vocals. One of my all-time favorite songs, I've been playing this since it was first released in 1969 (Mark and I were in a horn band back then). Our version of More Today Than Yesterday...

bmish 06-25-2019 07:10 AM

I recorded this on the Spire last night. I can't say it's all that well done sound wise but it WAS pretty easy and I think with some practice this will be a great tool.

Captain Jim 07-05-2019 08:19 PM

Another Spire Studio project with my friend and music partner, Mark. I did the guitar, bass, hand percussion, and vocals in south Texas, then sent them on to Mark in Arizona, where he added electric piano and organ. Then back to me for a bit of a mix.

Captain Jim 07-22-2019 06:55 AM

Another Spire Studio recording, done long distance. I did the guitar, bass, drums, and vocal tracks, my friend and music partner Mark added the piano, organ, and sax tracks. A cover of the Van Morrison song Brown Eyed Girl, changed just a bit to celebrate the Blonde who has inspired me for all these years.

Mark did the sax track as a salute to our mutual friend and sometimes bandmate Rob (the sax player) who has passed.

capefisherman 07-27-2019 02:55 PM

New to Spire
I just bought a new Spire for use with my guitar students (recording their songs to go along with the printed materials I provide) after using a CD recorder for many years, which works fine but CD is something of a dinosaur format these days. I also have some home recording experience and good quality mics. My questions are:

First and foremost, any insider tips about setting up for optimal recording, transfer of files, etc. are appreciated!

For my own use, which editing and mastering programs do you use? I am hoping to get some new songs ready for use with promo materials I use to get gigs. No overdubbing I don't think, just straight acoustic guitar tracks with occasional vocals. These need to sound as close as possible to what a person would get if they are considering hiring me. Again, I have some experience in this but any tips are also appreciated.

Basically, I want some fairly quick and fairly easy ways to record and get the files to my students, i.e., if at all possible I don't want to have to spend a long time each day after teaching a half dozen or so songs getting the files to the students via email. These are nothing more than practice recordings and no additional mastering is wanted or needed; just decent recordings of acoustic guitar and vocals, nothing more. CD's have always been the quick and easy way to do this (just record and send them on their way with the CD-RW) and I do know that using the Spire will be more labor intensive, at least in the beginning.

Thanks in advance!


raysachs 07-27-2019 03:35 PM


It can actually be incredibly easy. If you don't have a soundcloud account, start one. It's free with pay options depending on how much stuff you want to store there. It's a sound-file hosting site sort of like Flickr or Photo-Bucket is a photo hosting site. Once you have an account, and you record a song (whether one track or eight), you have a "share" option to upload it directly to soundcloud. Once it's there, it's easy to share it via email or text with your students. You can probably do all of this from your phone or tablet or whatever you're using as an interface with the Spire. But you can also access your SoundCloud account from a Mac or PC and it might be easy to share with your students from there.


capefisherman 07-27-2019 05:55 PM

Thanks Ray! I do have a SoundCloud account so that is a good tip. Any and all other tips sought, as per my last post. Thanks, really appreciate it!

benjamin1884 08-12-2019 12:42 PM

Black Diamond Strings
I was practicing with the Spire. Am preparing for a recording session with my co writer over Labor Day weekend.
This is an old Guy Clark Chestnut. I recorded with a D35 reimagined, and a Furch MF 22 mandolin.
Only used the onboard mic, but our album session will have 2 side address Sure Condenser mics direct into the Spire.

Hope you enjoy

Rick Benjamin

capefisherman 08-12-2019 01:20 PM

Rick - where did you place the unit to pick up all the instruments and the vocals? thanks!

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