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strumming 01-23-2020 05:20 PM

Grace Felix and ToneDexter - Dumb Question
I recently purchased a ToneDexter (TD) and really LOVE what it does to my amplified acoustic guitar tone. I plan to purchase a Grace Felix which is a 2 channel preamp so I can run the TD and a DPA 4099 gooseneck mic through the Felix and blend the signals to my pedals.

Here's the dumb question - Should I remove the rubber feet from the Felix and TD and VELCRO these onto my pedalboard? The Felix especially is such a beautiful piece of equipment, I hate the idea of removing the feet and sticking VELCRO to it. I also don't know if these are just to large and heavy to do this. That said, it would be nice to have all my equipment attached to my pedalboard so I can just plug and play without too much set up at every gig. Thoughts?

Foss38 01-23-2020 05:42 PM

I use a board like this with zip ties instead of velcro.

rockabilly69 01-23-2020 05:48 PM

Remove the feet (they screw out) and use powergrip tape...

The powergrip tape works way better than velcro, and having your Felix on your board will make things so much easier! I have the same board as the above poster (Holey), but I get rid of the ties and went with griptape and it's GREAT.

strumming 01-23-2020 06:16 PM

I didn't know about the holeyboard or power grip. Both great ideas! The holeyboard looks awesome! Unfortunately, I just bought a powertrain pedalboard so the power grip may be the way to go for me. I agree having all the pres and pedals on the board seems like it would make life easier.

Chipotle 01-23-2020 08:46 PM

I did exactly that to my Alix. Remove feet, attach velcro, put on pedalboard. Feet are easy to re-install, and any residue left by adhesive can probably removed with a solvent that won't harm the Grace's anodized or powder-coated finish.

Marshall 01-23-2020 09:05 PM

I installed my ToneDexter and a Boss DM-2w on a board. I trimmed back, with an exacto knife some of the rubber on the feet of the TDx so the velcro would make solid contact. But I didn't remove all of it, so there's still rubber feet if I decide to go plain TDx.

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