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Members with Birthdays on 04-26-2020
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Second AGF Open Mic, Sunday, 4/26/20, 5 PM EST (GMT-4)
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04-26-2020 04:00 PM to 06:00 PM
Hello AGF friends! As many know, we held our first AGF Open Mic this past Sunday and it was a success with 5 performers and even more people watching. So we're going to have another go at it this Sunday. You can participate or just watch. For this particular Open Mic we use Facebook Live so you will need to be on Facebook and then join the AGF Open Mic which is a private group so only members can participate or watch although you can share your performance with your friends on your own timeline after the fact if you wish.

Here's what you need to do to perform: Click the link below to go to the group page and request to join if you have not already done so. Post a reply with your AGF 'handle' (nickname) in the Second AGF Open Mic Announcement post at the top and declare your interest in playing. I will create a list based on responses to the post.

How it will work: I'll start it off with a brief welcome and then we'll go down the list and each person can perform from one to three songs depending on how many sign up to play. Performers should be ready to go when it's their turn to keep lag between Live sessions short. Originals and/or covers are welcome. Keep the banter brief and to the point. It's all about the music! But brief comments about the song, your guitar or live setup can be fun and informative. My wife and I will perform last this time as we performed first last time.

What YOU will need to be able to do to perform: Already be familiar with the Facebook Live function. It's fairly simple once you're familiar with it. You should practice on your own to get a good tone and be able to start and stop. There are a few posts over in the AGF Amplification section and there are many on YouTube. Here's a link to a post that details the testing I did as well as a demo video of my final, simple setup: Facebook Live Streaming - what worked, what didn't UPDATE: iRig2 & iRig Pro results

The most important thing to remember is to have patience and fun! Let's make the Second AGF Open Mic even better than the first!
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