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AGF Classified Rules (Please read)

All buying, selling or trading on the AGF should be within our Classifieds/Sales sections, and not included in posts outside those areas. The one exception is that links to an ad are allowed in a signature.

AGF Classifieds/Sales are offered as a service, a mere point of contact. The AGF does not get involved in any way with private deals that result from those contacts. In light of this, feedback, whether positive or negative, is not welcome. Please use appropriate caution as you negotiate a sale or trade.

1. You must be a Charter Member to post a classified/sales ad. The ad is permitted only for the length of your Charter Membership.

2. Classifieds/sales are for the sale or trade of personally owned musical instruments and music related items only - selling items for others is not permitted.

3. Asking price or trade value must be posted. Auction links are fine but need to be in the appropriate area - Auctions and Deals

4. While pictures or a link to pictures are recommended, they are not required.

5. All negotiation should be private. This means no public debate over pricing.

6. Dealers, commercial resellers, manufacturers, builders, luthiers, and individuals selling in volume are not allowed to post in the Classifieds/Sales section. In the event of excessive use of the classifieds/sales as determined by the staff, a member will be required to upgrade their membership to a Marketplace membership. AGF Sponsors, please use the Marketplace for your For Sale items. Click here for Sponsorship information.

7. Placement in search results is not guaranteed as the process is automated and we have no control over if/when your thread will be indexed. To maximize visibility we suggest you bump your thread once every 24 hours and/or place a link to it in your signature.

8. Trading bumps is prohibited. Colluding to trade bumps within the classifieds/sales is prohibited and those caught will have their access to the classifieds/sales revoked. This keeps the classifieds/sales fair to all.

9. Double-posting in both classifieds is allowed depending on your circumstance (e.g. you are a US-based seller but are willing to ship outside the US as well, or you are non-US seller but are also willing to ship to the US).

Note: Happily, our Classifieds/Sales are busy places, and this a very good thing for everyone involved. However, if we are not careful with our "bumping" our thread back to the top, it can seem that we are rudely elbowing the threads of others aside, even if that is not our intent. We respectfully request that a thread not be bumped more than once per 24 hours, though this does not mean that an Original Poster should not respond to questions or comments in his or her thread. The point is to be courteous of others, and as always on the AGF, "Be nice."


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