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Old 01-08-2017, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by jstegeman View Post
I agree with that - I find if I try to actually think about the pattern and what it should be, it doesn't work, but if I feel the rhythm, the strumming comes naturally. If someone asks me how to play a certain strumming pattern, I have to actually stop and pay attention to what I'm doing, because most of the time, my brain doesn't really know, it just happens.
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Old 01-12-2017, 10:22 AM
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Thanks everyone for your thoughtful replies. Many useful tips.

I had an hour lesson Tuesday with a teacher I know to have him evaluate my playing at this stage. He feels that 180BPM is a pretty fast tempo for a beginner, and that I'm playing it well at 140. He assures me speed will come up naturally as I go through Justin's intermediate course.

Again, thanks everyone!
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Old Yesterday, 01:25 PM
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I'm where you are in terms of 1/8 note strumming speed. With a thin pick, I can get to 150 bpm playing a I-IV-V7 progression but seem stuck there. It's not a deal killer at all because I primarily Fingerstyle and flatpick so I don't need that kind of 1/8 note speed often at all. But I do want the ability throw in a fast 1/8 note or 1/16 note fill/riff in my music in the future.
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Originally Posted by fazool View Post
One of my (two) guitar mentors once said to me:

"you guys need to stop trying to figure out the up-down-up strum patterns and just *FEEL* the music".......

That one line changed my world as a guitar player.

I think it applies here as well.
Agreed. I spent a good chunk of 2016 focusing on nothing but rhythm. I counted out loud over everything I played (1 e + a 2 e.....) and drove my wife cr@zy. Not only that, I'd count and tap out rhythms with my hands whenever I was somewhere without my guitar. Boy did it pay off!

It's so difficult to put it into words, and as you say, you just have to feel the music/beat and try not to think about it. But to get there I had to do a lot of practice. It tidied up everything I played and made singing over playing much much easier.
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