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Old 12-29-2016, 01:16 PM
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Arrow A Kinnaird Deep Body OM for cigarfan

Well, I just couldn't wait to post any longer. I have commissioned a Kinnaird Deep Body OM with Steve & Ryan. I'm probably way out in front of this with a thread since the guitar won't be finished until later in 2017 but I thought I would give you guys a flavor of what we have in mind and share the photos I've received from Steve so far.

Specs so far ...
Deep Body OM with florentine cutaway
Top: Some type of Euro Spruce yet to be selected (requested AAAA)
Back and Sides: Madagascar Rosewood
Fretboard and Headstock Overlay: Ebony
All wood "Tree-of-Life" fretboard inlay and Torch Headstock inlay to match

We have other surprises in mind but let's keep you in a little suspense!

This is the Madagascar set we've picked.

The neck will be of Mahogany with a center laminate of Bloodwood in the middle with thin Wenge stringers either side.

The center lam will match very well with the sapwood on the back.

Gluing up the neck

The fretboard with mockups of the all wood "Tree-of-Life" has been sent off to Larry Robinson to begin work. This is the mockup we sent.

We are going with Steve's slotted peghead with a torch inlay. The peghead will have an ebony veneer to show off the inlay as much as possible.

Sample of Steve's slotted peghead.

This is the mockup of the all-wood Torch inlay.

This is going to be a fun build and I am really looking forward to getting my very own Kinnaird!
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Old 12-29-2016, 01:31 PM
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Smile Yay!!!

This will be fun to watch! And,even more fun to PLAY!!!

Good on ya, and have a swell New Years!


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That's going to be one fine looking guitar.

Great wood selection, beautiful inlays and I'm a sucker for a florentine cut.

Look forward to the progress on your new build.
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So classy, this will be a treat to follow along, cigarfan. Congrats!
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Holy Moly is that going to be a looking. That wood set is amazing, my goodness!!!!!!
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That's going to look great! Love the wood and the inlay. You're going to be impressed with the sound and build quality
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Old 12-29-2016, 04:10 PM
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Oh my, the wood is stunning! Can't wait to watch... and live vicariously.
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This will be a visually thrilling build. Fantastic woods.
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What an extravagant look...!!! Oh yea...
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Dennis, oh my goodness!!! What a classy guitar this is going to be. The Madi looks fantastic. The inlays are going to be simply gorgeous. This one makes my mouth water lol.

And...what a great couple of guys to work with. I think Steve and Ryan are some of the finest guys in the business...and they build some friggin' amazing guitars. I'll be watching this one for sure.

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Thanks ladies and gentleman for all the comments. Appreciate your following along. I really enjoy the journey.
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That looks incredible Dennis. I'll be following this one.
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These fellas work hard. This week the shop is usually closed and yet here I am receiving progress photos. When Steve and I spoke about the all wood inlays it forced this build to be accomplished a bit out of the normal order. The fretboard was first since that would take the most time and now the neck/peghead so Larry can work on the torch inlay next.

In this photo Steve has trued up the fretboard surface, as well as peghead area. He has routed for truss rod, and the two slots for carbon fiber bars. The head area was narrowed to accommodate the peghead "ears" which are glued in place here. Steve does this to strengthen the head with long grain.

Both the headplate and backplate of the peghead will be dark veneer, light veneer and jet black Ebony on the exterior. Will make for a very interested look from the sides and in the slots as they are ramped for the strings.

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Dennis, this is going to be stunning!

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I really like the all wood theme, the inlay design looks amazing. Looking forward to following this one !!
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